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Participants are sought for Experience Center

For many years, I have been promoting, and local newspapers have been discussing, the Niagara Experience Center, a 21st century museum in which tourists visiting Niagara Falls will truly experience the history of not just the falls, but also of Western New York -- but only enough to encourage day trips to regional historical and cultural sites.

The establishment of the center will require the cooperation of all historical and cultural organizations in Western New York.

I would like to know the names of those who would like to participate. I communicate the old-fashioned way: snail mail and land line. My address is 5819 Grauer Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14305-1455. My telephone number is 297-3570.

According to Mike Vogel of The Buffalo News, on Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008, "If Niagara Falls is to remain a world-class attraction -- and public officials on both sides of the gorge should stop taking it for granted -- then it needs a world-class visitors center with links to attractions throughout this region. That's Economic Development 101, around here."

We have very special histories: natural, Native American, colonial, Western New York (Underground Railroad, ethnic, industrial, music, theater, architecture, Erie Canal, War of 1812, et al.).

Please respond to me or in a letter to The News.

Paul Gromosiak

Niagara Falls


Lack of reappointment politically motivated

It is apparent to me that the move to not reappoint me to the Town of Lewiston Planning Board was fully based on political motive.

I was appointed to the Planning Board before I ever became Town Democratic chair. I am an attorney with over 20 years of practice, and also hold an MBA degree and have several years experience in mortgage banking. As such, for seven years I brought a unique perspective to the Planning Board, and if people who appeared before the board were asked, I believe there would be agreement that never once did politics play a role in any position I took.

The Town Board has now put on a commercial real estate developer (among other pursuits) who in the past has sued over his property tax assessments. But not to worry. Perhaps now he can bring his assessment complaints, I suppose, before the Board of Assessment Review -- which now has a real estate broker on it.

My non-appointment back to the Planning Board was likely based on a position I took about two years ago against a move by [Town Supervisor Steven] Reiter, where as an elected official he came before the Planning Board on behalf of a property owner seeking approval of additional phases of a project. Reiter [then town highway superintendent] was unable to show that he had any permission at the time of the owner to appear on his behalf.

It should not go unnoticed that when the Democrats in control of the Town Board had an opportunity to make a political move by not reappointing the late Joan Wolfgang to the Planning Board two years ago, they did not make a political move of it; they reappointed her because of her prior service on the board and her knowledge.

How unfortunate that the current supervisor and full Town Board lack the ability and perspective to keep politics out of voluntary service to the town's citizenry, passing it up instead for persons with obvious and conflicted personal financial interests.

Diane Roberts


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