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Jeff Wright Reflects

I spoke with Jeff Wright on Friday for my upcoming retrospective on the 20th anniversary of the Bills' first Super Bowl. Wright was terrific. He was one of the more underrated talkers in those days. Wright was an undersized nose guard who got the most out of his ability and had some of his best performance in the biggest games. He was one of the better Bills in Super Bowl XXV.

Nowadays, Wright works on a cattle ranch in Tucson, Arizona. The ranch belongs to the family of his fiancee, Jennifer Wilson.

"Her dad's name is Ralph Wilson, believe it or not," Wright said. "We actually have poems and letters here from Buffalo Bill Cody. They have coins, too. Buffalo Bill Cody actually stayed on the ranch here at one time. The ranch has been here since 1888, before Arizona even became a state."

"Once in awhile, we'll be going out and Jennifer will ask me to wear one of my (AFC championship) rings. I'll throw it on and wear it. It takes me back. I wish I had a Super Bowl ring. But I look back on those days with pride. I have no shame in any of that. I feel we were part of history. A lot of the things we did, no other team has done to this day. It was a very special group.

"I rmember Leon Seals and I were warming up before the game in Tampa. The planes were flying over. I said, "Holy sh--, I can't feel my legs! There was so much adrenaline in my body. It was such an emotional time because of the war. It was our first time there. We wanted it so much for Buffalo. Hell, I remember the very first play, I picked up (Giants center) Bart Oates and drove him 3 yards back into O.J. Anderson. But Darryl Talley was offsides."

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