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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Buffalo Bills: News sports columnist Allen Wilson's Jan. 15 piece, "Newton's Law: Bills need to be right with top pick," led Michael Vanwagenen of Concord, N.C., to opine:

Every draft has a franchise quarterback come out. The question isn't about value, it's about finding a franchise quarterback. Guess what, we don't have one and keep passing up the franchise guys because we keep trying to take someone where they are the "best person available." So does that mean that the Bills can only take (Missouri junior Blaine) Gabbert if they have the No. 8 pick, cuz that's where he is on the Big Board?

Quarterback is a different animal. The team doesn't go anywhere near a Super Bowl win til they find one.

The third position gives the Bills a shot at the best QB after two other teams have their shot. There is at least one franchise QB coming into the NFL this year with four projected in the first round, all four grade out with potential. The key is finding the one that fits the Bills going forward, so we can finally get the quarterback situation taken care of.

This is an old argument and should have been addressed a long time ago.


Sabres Edge: Following Mike Harrington's blog, "Live from the Arena: Sabres vs. Habs," Stuart opined:

How sad is it that we played a tired team that's down a few players and we can't put them away? The most inspiring player/part of the game was (Nathan) Gerbe. The lil' guy got in a scrap sticking up for (Ryan) Miller, drew a penalty that set up the win There's the heart of a lion in the frame of house cat. Were the rest of the team shell-shocked after the loss of Stafford?? What gives? Mr. (Terry) Pegula please take over soon, get a proven goal scorer, maybe next year we can have a shot at SOMETHING!!!

RoyBoy commented:

Our skill players can't score. They either fan on the shot or make one too many passes (Thomas Vanek, Tim Connolly), shoot it weakly into the goalie (Jochen Hecht's specialty) or, more likely, fire it wide (Jason Pominville).

Our grit players get more penalties than they draw.

Rob Niedermayer and (Mike) Grier look like they are playing in an Old Timers game. Hop over the boards, cruise up and down the ice once or twice, hop back off. We have to have better guys than them. What? We don't? Oh, I guess that's why we stink.


Father Nelson H. Baker: News staff reporter Lou Michel recently reported that Father Nelson Baker, who died almost 75 years ago, has taken steps toward sainthood, to which Robert Pokalsky of Penfield wrote:

This is great news -- another step toward sainthood. The students at Archangel School in Irondequoit, N.Y., have been praying for the canonization of Father Baker for at least 15 years (we have a staff member who grew up near Our Lady of Victory Basilica). Father Baker was and is a great example of priestly holiness and self-sacrifice.


Bruce Andriatch: Following a nostalgic column, "So what's in 7 digits? A lifetime," about an attachment to phone numbers that often survived the passage of generations, George Adams of Tonawanda posted this:

In my youth, Ellicottville had four digits -- perhaps we were a leader in lowering our standards. And yes, I still remember my home number, along with my cousin's. (Together with not beginning a sentence with a preposition.) But here's a thought: was listening in on a party line the same as hacking a website? Yup, the more things change

Patty Bolduc of Conway, S.C., added this:

Your article brings back so many laughs even from afar, South Carolina you've touched on wonderful Western New York memories. Thank you Western New York and Bruce!

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