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Liberal media ignore change in the U.S. electorate

Ignoring the facts that have emerged, the liberal media including The Buffalo News -- laid blame for the murders and mayhem in Arizona at the feet of conservative commentators and politicians. According to our fourth estate, aggressive right-wing political rhetoric urged a 22-year-old man on to deadly violence.

The accused Tucson shooter, Jared Loughner, is a madman who acted alone. He is a registered independent voter; those closest to him say he was entirely apolitical and eschewed political media.

In fact, the so-called vitriol of the 2010 elections was so intense that Loughner did not even bother to vote.

So why all the finger-pointing? The liberal media do not seem to understand that conservatives now comprise 40 percent of their national audience. In fact, according to a 2010 Gallup poll, more Americans self-identify as conservative than moderate or liberal. This was not the case just one decade ago.

Here in Erie County, self-identified conservatives likely far outnumber any other political stripe. Buffalo is a blue-collar town suffering wrong-headed liberal policies more than any other city in the nation except Detroit. Locals have had enough and are rejecting liberal tax-and-spend policies. So why would a newspaper intentionally alienate nearly half of its readers?

In the age of President Obama, Americans are moving increasingly to the right.

With liberal policies on parade, failing miserably and driving our communities deeper into decline, more and more Americans are rejecting liberal prodding. Facing this epic failure of their ideology, liberals are in full-blown panic mode.

When you panic, life quickly becomes a blame game and mistakes are made. You don't need to look any further than the editorial page of The News for a case in point.

It is important to note the vast majority of Democrat-elected officials refrained from finger-pointing in the wake of Loughner's alleged rampage. They should be praised, just as the liberal media must be reproved.

I agree that politics could use a healthy dose of civility -- Democrat, Republican and otherwise. However, The Buffalo News and its liberal media colleagues, happy to build up favored political figures and tear others down, are as guilty of incivility as any party.

Violence and murder are not planks in any American political party's platform. Let's pray for the victims and stop politicizing this senseless tragedy in Tucson.

It would be nice if that could start in the editorial office of The News.


Nicholas A. Langworthy is chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee.

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