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It seems to us
About cutting government costs and loose talk about Hitler

EVERY BIT HELPS: The House of Representatives this week unanimously approved a bill sponsored by Rep. Chris Lee, R-Amherst, that could shave $7 million off printing costs. The bill would end a practice in which the Government Printing Office delivers to every lawmaker multiple copies of every piece of legislation that he or she has introduced or co-sponsored. Last year, for example, the government printed nearly 2.8 million copies of legislation forcongressional offices. Lee pointed out to Congress that the Internet exists.


IS HE KIDDING?: Most of us learn by college that allusions to Hitler and the Nazis don't play well. Virtually always, they're over the top and, more than anything, erode the credibility of the loudmouth making them.

Meet Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee. The Memphis Democrat this week compared Republican health care arguments to Nazi propaganda, thus proving he lacks a sense of proportion and is unfamiliar with the bounds of decency.

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