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Gillibrand to sit with Republican at State of the Union

WASHINGTON -- It's starting to look more and more like the audience at Tuesday's State of the Union address won't be divided into two separate camps as it has been for years -- and Sen. Kirsten E. Gillibrand of New York is helping make sure of it.

Gillibrand, a Democrat, announced today that she will be sitting with Sen. John Thune, a South Dakota Republican.

“This is just a symbol, but it sends an important message that although we may disagree on various issues, we all stand ready to work together and do what we believe is right for the country," GIllibrand said. "The American people want this Congress to work together -– not as Democrats and Republicans, but as Americans.”

It's an intriguing pairing, Gillibrand and Thune. Ideological opposites, they have one thing in common.

Last year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Gillibrand "the hottest member" of the Senate at a fundraiser last September.

And after that, the snarky BuzzFeed website named Thune the hottest senator -- and listed Gillibrand at No. 9.

We report. You decide:

(Photos by Buffalo News and Associated Press)

--Jerry Zremski

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