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Discover flavors of Burma on Niagara Street

Soups and salads, Burmese style, have been added to Buffalo's culinary buffet. There's coconut milk enriched chicken noodle soup with hard-boiled eggs and crunchy toppings and more at Sun International Foods, 1989 Niagara St. - check out the Cheap Eats review here.

"Burmese style fish noodle soup with banana stem," labeled "Mont Hin Kar," was hidden under "Vietnamese Dishes," along with "Burmese style egg noodle soup with coconut milk," or "Ownno Koksware."

I chose the latter, and was so glad I did. At $4.99 for a "small" (one-person) serving, it's Asian comfort food in the broadest sense, evoking both Thai and Indian flavors in an accessible, warming dish.

Soft egg noodles hide in a turmeric-scented broth, rich with coconut milk. There's tender chicken and quartered hard-boiled eggs, too, rewarding your exploration. It's accented with abundant cilantro and scallion. Adding texture, there are fried shallots and crunchy rice noodles riding on top.

It wasn't spicy at all. I added a dollop of sambal oelek chili paste and a dash of fish sauce and, rudely, begrudged my co-diner his obligatory spoonful.

The other two specifically Burmese dishes are salads, Tea Leaf Salad and Ginger Salad, both $4.99. We tried the former, which combines pickled tea leaf -- much like other Asian pickled greens -- with onion and other herbs, plus crunchy fried lentils, another Indian influence. It was sweet and sour, crunchy and soft, and disappeared in a hurry.

Here's their website.


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