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Trivia Quiz

1. The 1,450-mile-long Colorado River empties into what gulf?

2. What French leader supposedly said that history is a fable agreed upon?

3. According to the Bible, Moses struck a rock with his rod, causing what to come from the rock?

4. Is Rhode Island or Luxembourg larger in area?

5. The first Rotary Club was started in 1905 in what large city?

6. Pope Stephen II was Pope for only two days when he died in 752. Identify the man who was Pope for the second-shortest period of time.

7. What animal is the largest member of the hog family?

8. What does "Costa Rica" mean in Spanish?

9. What were the two political parties that nominated Theodore Roosevelt for President? One race was successful and one wasn't.

10. Who wrote the musical score for "West Side Story"?



1. Gulf of California.

2. Napoleon Bonaparte.

3. Water.

4. Rhode Island is moderately larger than Luxembourg -- 1,231 square miles to 998 square miles.

5. Chicago.

6. Pope John Paul I, Pope for just over a month when he died of a heart attack in 1978.

7. Hippopotamus.

8. Rich coast.

9. Roosevelt won as a Republican in 1904 and lost as a Progressive in 1912.

10. Leonard Bernstein.

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