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A painful start of the week for Cuomo

ALBANY –- Which is more painful? Root canal or closing a $10 billion budget gap?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo hasn’t closed the fiscal red ink yet, but he now knows what an un-fun experience a root canal procedure can be.

Cuomo had the dental surgery, with local anesthetic, on Monday.

The Cuomo administration Tuesday wasn’t keen on providing much in the way of information –- like even where the procedure was performed.

The next painful task: getting a reluctant State Legislature to go along with his plans -– due out Feb. 1 -– to erase the deficit with cuts to education, health care and the state workforce.

There is no local anesthetic for that procedure.

Lingering pain or not, Cuomo is scheduled tonight to have the Republicans who control the state Senate over to the governor's mansion as another phase in his legislative reach-out campaign.

-- Tom Precious

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