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Trivia Quiz

1. Were Vitamins A, B, C and D discovered in alphabetical order?

2. Who wrote the poem "If"?

3. Will a liter hold a dry quart?

4. Hindu women wear the sari, an end of which is draped over one or both shoulders?

5. Is a shrew a mammal or an insect?

6. Where, geographically, is the Kingdom of Nepal?

7. What is the New York Stock Exchange symbol for shares of the AT&T Corp.?

8. In what state are the communities of Ada, Ponca City and Shawnee?

9. How many parts has the zodiac?

10. What is the name for a vertical window set in a small gable of a house and which projects from a sloping roof?



1. No. Vitamin A was discovered in 1913, Vitamin B in 1916, Vitamin C in 1912, and Vitamin D in 1922.

2. Rudyard Kipling.

3. No, only about one-tenth of a dry quart.

4. One shoulder.

5. Mammal.

6. Nepal is in the Himalayan Mountains and is bounded by China on the north and India on the south.

7. "T."

8. Oklahoma.

9. The circle of the zodiac has 12 parts.

10. Dormer window.

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