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Duplicate Bridge

Bridge Club Meridian holds a Club Championship game Monday.

All games at the Bridge Center of Buffalo will be charity games next week, offering extra points.

Lessons in the Two Over One system with Chris Urbanek begin at 7 p.m. Jan. 25 at the Bridge Center. Call 834-4222 or e-mail

The Airport Bridge Club holds double point games at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday with a chicken barbecue. The club celebrates its eighth anniversary with a double point pairs game at 10 a.m. next Saturday and its 150th individual game at 1:30 p.m.

Duplicate Scores / Week of Jan. 3 to 9

> ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Airport Bridge Club Monday -- North-south, A/B/C: Carl McMurtry and Jim Brown, 56.25%; east-west, A/B/C: Larry and Dorothy Soong, 65%. Tuesday -- North-south, A/B: Helen Panza and Christine Pesce, 61.93%; C: Fran Witnauer and Marie Zayan, 53.60%; east-west, A: Liz Clark and Harry Cheung, 64.58%; B/C: Ruth Wurster and Myra Razik, 57.58%. Wednesday -- Howell. A: Vince and Christine Pesce, 65.91%; B: June Feuerstein and Barbara Sadkin, 59.55%; C: Myra Razik and Bill Boardman, 57.27%. Thursday -- North-south, A/B/C: Barbara Sadkin and June Feuerstein, 59.23%; east-west, A: Paul Libby and Harry Cheung, 69.84%; B: Nancy Kessler and Carl Stone, 54.76%; C: Ed Drozen and Ross Markello, 49.21%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Monday -- Inter-Club Championship. North-south, A: Stanley Kozlowski and Alberta Brown, 59.23%; Claire Gareleck and Christy Kellogg, 57.74; B: Elaine Universal and Judy Graf, 53.57%; C: Mary Davey-Carr and Joyce Meskill, 41.96%; east-west, A: Bud Seidenberg and Fred Yellen, 61.31%; B/C: Judith Padgug and John Ziemer, 57.74%. Tuesday -- Non-life masters. North-south, A: Barbara Sadkin and Maggie McNamara, 60.61%; B: Joyce Greenspan and Natalie Abramson, 59.28%; C: Cherry Searle and Peggy Stock, 53.79%; east-west, A: Arthur Matthies and Dorothy Soong, 67.23%; B/C: John H. Wolf and Arlene Gellman, 59.85%. Wednesday morning -- North-south, A: Jim Gullo and Christy Kellogg, 63.61%; B/C: Claire Gareleck and Harold Meyers, 60.89%; east-west, A: Bud Seidenberg and Fred Yellen, 63.14%; Gene Finton and Stanley Kozlowski 62.92%; B: Robert Olin and Arthur Aronson, 46.09%. Wednesday evening -- Howell. A: (tie) Jim Mathis and Bud Seidenberg, Bert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, 62.50%; B: Jeanne Gladysz and Patricia Burns, 52.08%. Thursday noon -- Non-life masters. North-south, A/B: Arthur Matthies and Paula Rosen, 58.83%; Ken Wagner and Natalie Abramson, 54.25%; C: Betsy and Richard Heuer, 51.33%; east-west, A: Robert Olin and Dianne Bloom, 63.25%; B: Larry Soong and James Tao, 54.92%; C: Jane Roberts and Laura Houghtaling, 54.58%. Thursday evening -- North-south, A/B: Sandra Marcussen and Judie Bailey, 55.65%; C: Richard Cramer-Benjamin and Jeff Bender, 52.08%; east-west, A/B/C: Penny and Peter Shui, 61.90%; Walt Olszewski and John Ziemer, 57.44%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora Wednesday -- North-south, Bob and Joan Ciszak, 62.91%; Lance Crawford and Jack Kern, 51.25%; Merton Haynes and Darrell Frank, 49.7%; east-west, John Fiegl and Jane Larcom, 58.32%; Bill Rieker and Elizabeth Clark, 54.29%; Glen and Pat Schmarder, 53.57%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday -- Inter-Club Championship. North-south, A/B/C: Eleanor Whelan and Helen Panza, 59.79%; east-west, A: Trudy Manaher and Barbara Libby, 65.18%; B: Nancy Kessler and Carlton Stone, 56.85%; C: Joe Rooney and Dorothy May, 48.51%.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- Howell. A: Bev Cohen and Bill Finkelstein, 58.85%; B/C: Art Morth and William Rushmore, 54.17%.

Delaware Wednesday -- North-south, Chuck Heimerl and John Garrity, 64.15%; east-west, Ron Fill and Al Dickman, 58.67%.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- Howell. Joyce Kindt and Sandra Marcusson, 62%; (tie) Carolyn Siracuse and Judie Bailey, Miriam Regnet and Kathy Fenn, 55%.

Unit 116 Winter Sectional Friday morning -- A: Bud Seidenberg and Jay Levy, 64.24%; B: Bob Padgug and Jim Gullo, 60.16%; C: Arthur Matthies and John Marvin, 58.65%. Friday afternoon -- A: Chris Urbanek and Joan Rose, 65.03%; B: Howard Foster and Michael Ryan, 62.53%; C: Arthur Matthies and Sharon Chang, 59.91%. Saturday morning -- A: Judith Padgug and Joan Rose, 65.58%; B/C: Chuck Heimerl and Robert Alan Davis, 59.69%. Saturday afternoon -- A: Saleh Fetouh and Jim Mathis, 63.14%; B: Dian Petrov and Chongmin Zhang, 59.62%; C: Peter and Penny Shui, 58.33%. Sunday -- Swiss teams. A: Diane K.M. Gordon, Brian Macartney, George Morrissey and Clyde Paul, 181 vps; Jay Costello, Donna Steffan, Jay Levy and Brian Meyer, 162 vps; B/C: Larry and Dorothy Soong, Arthur Matthies and Arthur Kean, 123 vps.

> Other clubs

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon -- North-south, Shirley Cassety and Sam Grossman, 69%; Chuck Heimerl and Marion Morber, 60%; east-west, John and Jini Rubinstein, 57%; Bruce and Jill Brown, 56%. Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday -- North-south, Fritzi Schmitt and Helen Sfeir, 63.5%; Dee Schaeffer and Lil Ungerleider, 57.6%; east-west, Mary Blanchard and Ruth Williams, 61.9%; Betty Kittinger and Irwin Brock, 61.1%. Clarence Senior Center -- North-south, Judy Thielman and Kathy Borcik, 59%; east-west, Lil Reynolds and Norm Kirchner; Carol Neuhaus and Marc Sobkiewicz, 57%. Friday Dupliclub -- Howell. Alan Ker and Paul Morgante, 69%; Robert and Margaret Rivard, 57%. Tonawanda Senior Center -- North-south, Lou Lombardi and Marie Lanza, 60.4%; east-west, Bob Rivard and Ethel Schippnick, 60%.

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