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Great Tymes ; Lancaster sports bar is fun and affordable

The building where Good Tymes South resides holds a special significance for me as it was my very first Club Watch assignment (when it was Mazzariello's) in January 2007. Some four years later, Good Tymes has obviously learned from Mazzariello's mistakes by serving dirt-cheap, high-quality drinks along with great food at loss-leader style daily specials.

It was an unseasonably favorable Saturday when I worked my way into one of three remaining spots in the parking lot. Joyce approached me the instant I sat down at my black stool and I ordered a double of Knob Creek bourbon on the rocks and a pitcher of Bud Light for the shockingly cheap tally of $12.25.

The rail of the speckled black bar was packed to full capacity with a nice cross section of men and women enjoying their drinks and meals. One of the owners came out and made light conversation with us while he and the rest of the staff talked about (and marveled at) how busy they'd been with a steady influx of new and existing customers.

Not much has changed structurally since my review four years prior, but the atmosphere was noticeably happier (and busier), and the clientele was much more approachable while remaining respectful.

Three couples in factory-fresh ensembles chowed down on tantalizing meals at two raised black tables in the lounge. A brick facade ran the circumference of the interior and a stained wood floor was buffed and polished to a fine luster. Five well-proportioned flat-screen televisions strategically positioned throughout the lounge area aired hockey and football. A fancy electronic dartboard with a video display sat neglected next to a beautiful fireplace set into the wall near the rear entrance.

Gary, a friendly old bruiser taking over on bar at shift change, and I shared a smoke on the wooden ramp out back. We talked about all of the individualistic quirks at the multitude of Lancaster bars along with a woman with a black cap and an endearing laugh. From what Gary tells me, the original Good Tymes was located on Main Street in Depew, north of the new spot. This explains the "south" descriptor. Two guys in their 20s came out for a smoke and instantly started texting silently and simultaneously. There's something about that generation I'll never understand, which probably makes me an old fuddy duddy.

There's an instantly charming allure to the staff, the crowd and the aura at Good Tymes South. The comfort level is through the roof, the attendees show up genuinely prepared for a fun outing and the prices are almost second to none.

It's a wonderful new addition on a strip of phenomenal bars on Broadway in a town I'm proud to call home.


Good Tymes South

114 Bloomfield Ave., Depew 206-0561

Scene: A fun-loving sports bar with obscenely affordable prices and more than a touch of a class.

Drinks: Blue Moon, Bud Light, Miller Light, Labatt Blue, Sam Adams and Stella Artois on tap and a well-rounded liquor selection.

Dress code: Sports casual. Windbreakers, clean blue jeans, cable-knit sweaters and flannel shirts.

Music: Sports announcing via PA system.

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