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Trivia Quiz

1. In what country did the Boy Scouts originate?

2. What is the color of nicotine?

3. The equipment used in making an electrocardiogram (used in diagnosis of heart disease) is called

4. Name the capital of New Zealand.

5. What is the shortest book of the Bible's Old Testament?

6. Explain the meaning of "aggregation" in a mathematical computation.

7. Which of these horse races is oldest: Kentucky Derby, Preakness or Belmont Stakes? These three make up horse racing's Triple Crown.

8. In what two centuries did composer Ludwig van Beethoven live?

9. The word "haptic" is from the Greek "haptein" and has what meaning?

10. What college did President Harry Truman attend?



1. Great Britain, in 1908.

2. Nicotine is colorless.

3. Electrocardiograph.

4. Wellington.

5. Obadiah, which has only 21 verses.

6. It means treatment of a number of terms as a single unit. The terms are enclosed in parentheses or under a bar.

7. The Kentucky Derby, started in 1875, is the youngest of the three horse races. The Belmont Stakes, begun in 1867, is the oldest. The Preakness was first run in 1873.

8. The 18th and 19th centuries (1770-1827).

9. To fasten, touch.

10. None. He did not go to college.

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