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The replate special

Here it is, hardly 2011, and already Buzz has lost our mittens, caught a bug and had to brush 6 inches of snow off the car. What a year! Could someone replate it for us? Replating is a great restaurant concept we learned thanks to the Lake Effect Diner and our 3-year-old nephew George Andrew. The tot had ruined his pancakes, too much syrup or something, and was bawling. In swooped diner owner Tucker Curtin. "Replate this?" he said. "Should I replate this for you?" Unable to speak, mouth open, George Andrew nodded. And it was done. "Better?" Curtin asked, returning the plate. George Andrew nodded, and he brightened. Sympathy, that's all anyone needs. It's amazing what replating can fix.


Party hardy

No justice, that the title of snowiest city went to Syracuse. Surely no one deals with the weather with the aplomb that Buffalonians do. Last weekend, Buffalo ReUse's unheated store, the ReSource, was full of people browsing nonchalantly, never mind the vapor coming out of their mouths. One evening, a Facebook friend -- OK, it was jazz singer Mari McNeil -- reported cheerily: "Going out into the spooky dark snow to make trails." ... Best of all, Sunday on Grant Street, a friend was standing in line at Family Dollar behind a guy buying barbecue supplies. He had two bags of charcoal and he was on his phone telling people to be over at 7 o'clock. Snow? What snow?


Get down

Choreographer and recording artist Liana Veda came to town last weekend to teach a master class in hip-hop dancing at a local gym. What an experience! Veda's YouTube videos do not begin to cover it. She threw herself all over the place, nonstop, for almost two hours. She leapt in the air, dropped into a split and did a kind of crouchy walk, mopping her brow. When one song went "Low, low, low, low, low," she went lower and lower, like a limbo dancer. "How ya doing?" she would ask, turning around to assess our form. Buzz, laughing while trying to keep up, felt like Jerry Lewis. We were easily the least qualified to be there -- en route to the class, we had been listening to Brahms. But we weren't alone in our awe. "Liana Veda, oh my God," one gym instructor said the next day. "Oh my God, oh my God. What she did with her legs. Oh my God."


The buzz

Buffalo, one big (unheated) room: At Buffalo ReUse, a tag on a bookshelf read simply, "Sold to Barry the Firefighter." ... Passing the bar: A denizen of Black Rock tells us that the former Our Grill in downtown Black Rock, dormant for nearly 20 years, has new beer signs in the windows. "How exciting!" he says. Buzz will keep everyone posted.



"Don't whine about winter -- drink wine this winter."

-- Sign at Gates Circle Liquor

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