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Trivia Quiz

1. A wind blowing in the direction directly opposite the course of an airplane is called a _________ wind. Fill in the blank.

2. Who was the designer-architect of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy?

3. Ferdinand Magellan was an explorer from what European country?

4. Within a month, how long is the gestation period for a rabbit?

5. Is the capital of Alaska: Anchorage, Fairbanks or Juneau?

6. In golf, what is the maximum number of clubs allowed a player?

7. Who taught Ray Charles how to play the piano as well as the saxophone and trumpet?

8. What is a buckboard?

9. What is a "rampire"?

10. Crystals of citric acid used in cooking are known as what kind of salt?



1. "Head."

2. Bonanno Pisano.

3. Portugal.

4. The full period is only one month.

5. Juneau.

6. Fourteen clubs.

7. He taught himself. Blind since early childhood, Charles learned music through Braille.

8. An open carriage with the seat on a flooring of long, flexible boards whose ends are placed directly on the axles.

9. An embankment or dam.

10. Sour salt.

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