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Gas lands, dollar stores, saving research and dental pain...

From Business Today:

The natural gas boom in central Pennsylvania will undoubtedlySHALE GAS  go down as a turning point in U.S. energy history. Experts say there is so much gas trapped in the shale of the Marcellus region, it could provide for much of the nation's needs. Williamsville-based National Fuel Gas is making sure it gets all it can of the valuable resource. The company paid $23 million to gain control of wells and acreage in Tioga County that it has co-owned with EOG Resources. The deal is expected to add 42 billion cubic feet of gas to the company's reserves. Environmentalists are concerned about the drilling process, which is currently banned in New York state.

Can the city have too many dollar stores? The Erie County Industrial Development Agency is not concerned about that. It's goal is to develop blighted parcels in the city, so it gave tax breaks to a developer who wants to build a Dollar General store at the corner of Genesee Street and Fillmore Dollargeneral Avenue, on the site of an abandoned gas station. The store will create 10 full-time and five part-time jobs, and is about a half-mile from a Family Dollar store.

Honeywell Speciality Materials is a quiet jewell in Buffalo, quietly doing research and acquiring patents - more than 400 already with another 400 pending. There is a push to make permanent the tax breaks such companies get, to help keep them in the state and to attract more. After all the rhetoric is cleared, these types of companies are going to keep New York, and all of America, moving forward.

The saga of the sudden closure of Allcare Dental's dozens of offices continues.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored...

Here's some gas for you...


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