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Legislative committee assignments set for 2011

Cattaraugus County Legislature Chairman Michael T. O'Brien has announced legislative committee assignments for 2011.

O'Brien, R-Portville, said he incorporated several changes at the requests of legislators.

The most notable change is for the head of the important Finance Committee, which is headed by the Legislature vice chairman. Former Sheriff Jerry E. Burrell, R-Franklinville, took over that post last week, replacing Carmen A. Vecchiarella, R-Salamanca.

All resolutions, contracts and spending come before the Finance Committee before they go up for a vote before the full Legislature.

Although committees are not scheduled to meet until Feb. 2, O'Brien has asked committees to begin meeting this month and consider the impact of the state budget and an evaluation system for each department.

O'Brien previously gave the Strategic Planning Committee an April deadline to look over possible consolidations of satellite services and combining duplicate job titles in various departments.

As chairman, O'Brien is an ex-officio member of each committee. Additional assignments follow with the committee chairman listed first, followed by the vice chairman.

Finance Committee -- Burrell; Mark J. Ward, D-Great Valley; William J. Aiello, R-Olean; E. James Ellis, R-East Otto; Norman L. Marsh, R-Little Valley; Joseph C. McLarney, R-Portville; James J. Snyder, R-Olean; William E. Sprague, D-Yorkshire; Kenneth W. McClune, D-Salamanca.

Public Works -- Vergilio L. Giardini Jr., D-Allegany; Ellis, Burrell, Linda M. Edstrom, R-Olean; Marsh; Patrick J. Murphy, R-Cattaraugus; James L. Boser, D-Allegany; Charles F. Hebdon, D-West Valley; John J. Padlo, D-Olean.

Development & Agriculture -- McLarney, Boser, Snyder, Burrell, Ellis, Vecchiarella, Giardini.

Senior Services -- Donna M. Vickman, R-Farmersville Station; McClune; Edstrom; Robert E. Neal Sr., R-Randolph; Steven H. Teachman, R-Olean; Boser; Padlo.

Strategic Planning -- Aiello; Sprague; Burrell; McLarney; Murphy; Paula J. Stockman, R-South Dayton; Vickman; Padlo; Ward.

Public Safety -- Vecchiarella; Murphy; Aiello; Neal; Teachman; Giardini; Hebdon.

County Operations -- Marsh; Teachman; Neal; Stockman; Hebdon; Padlo; Sprague.

Human Services -- Snyder; Stockman; Edstrom; Vecchiarella; Vickman; McClune; Ward.

Labor Relations -- McLarney; Ward; Aiello; Vecchiarella; Boser.

Appointed as legislative representatives to county boards are:

Fire Advisory Board -- Murphy, Giardini, Hebdon.

Health Board -- Snyder.

Youth Board -- Aiello.

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