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Over the last week, the editorial board of The Buffalo News met with policy-makers and leaders and researched, analyzed and debated issues affecting this community. Here's a summary of the week's editorials, which can be read in full on our Web pages:

Sunday: The day's editorial criticized lack of development in Niagara Falls, where bad government decisions and inaction by a powerful developer have left the city to wither. It called on the city to refund its economic development office as a first step.

Monday: The lead editorial called on Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown to detail his plans for replacing the Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corp., which has been unofficially shut down for more than a year without a new plan having been announced. A second editorial praised the Erie County Harbor Development Corp.'s board for its work, and called upon it to continue to exercise diligence in considering new approaches for waterfront development.

Tuesday: The day's editorial criticized Congress for continuing to fund NASA's defunct Ares I rocket program. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., in an obvious bid to protect jobs, inserted a sentence in a budget bill that has caused taxpayers to fritter away nearly $500 million.

Wednesday: This page previewed Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's State of the State speech by pointing out some of the issues he needed to deal with, including the costs of education and Medicaid, ethics oversight and independent redistricting. A second editorial criticized Buffalo parking lot owners for gouging the fans attending the World Junior Hockey Championship.

Thursday: We found Cuomo's first State of the State address to be effective and on point, and thought he made a wise decision in asking the two legislative leaders to speak, as well. Now, we concluded, it's up to Cuomo and the Legislature in confronting the budget deficit and the other critical issues Cuomo brought up.

Friday: The editorial board observed that congressional Republicans are showing themselves to be unserious by focusing so much on repealing President Obama's agenda while ignoring the facts of those important issues.

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