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Janet Jackson's tour of hits

My favorite member of the Jackson family, the hardworking Janet, will kick off her new world tour in Singapore. The tour is titled "Janet Jackson's Number Ones, Up Close and Personal." This means exactly what it says.

Janet will perform all her No. 1 hits. She is going to give the fans what they want.

Let's face it; if you are paying upward of $50 to $250 for a concert, you want to hear the hits! (Even though Madonna is still the biggest female concert attraction in the world, her fans often complain that she concentrates too much on new material, when they want "Material Girl.")

Actually, every aspect of Janet's tour nods to her fans. The fans chose Singapore as her kickoff city! She asked them, via, where she should start off, and they answered. The tour will take in smaller venues, because she wants to "get up close and personal" with her audiences. Special effects will be minimal. It'll be maximum Janet Jackson.

Janet is hot now. She is starring in Tyler Perry's movie "For Colored Girls" and has a book upcoming, titled "True You." The book tells of her lifelong struggle with her weight, and how she has found self-esteem, at last. (The book includes diet and exercise tips. She has found self-esteem, but she found it while slim.)

Janet has her late brother Michael's soft voice and vulnerability. But she is a survivor, and probably the most intelligent of the Jacksons. None of the kids received particularly good educations. How could they? They were too busy working!

But Janet broke away from the suffocation of the family. She is self-taught and the best of the lot in many ways. Here's to her tour.


The cultural phenomenon that is David Fincher's "The Social Network" rolls on. The movie that tells the tale of Facebook, just took three more big awards, including Best Picture. This time the honors came from the Online Film Critics Society. So far, "The Social Network" has won a Best Picture award 18 times from critics around the country. The only movie that might slow down this toboggan come Oscar time is "The King's Speech." Harvey Weinstein is the driving force behind that one. It's gonna be a hot time on the campaign trail this season. Just like the good old days, right, Harvey?

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