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Rodriguez fired. Seriously

Rich rod fured aain Here's why Michigan waited so long to make the move: Rich Rodriguez, pictured left, likely will receive a $2.5 million buyout from Michigan, which dropped from $4 million on Jan. 1. Hopefully the next coach will be a Michigan man unlike Rodriguez who had no connection to the Michigan lineage that had gone unchanged after Bo Schembechler was hired in 1969. Schembechler was succeeded by former assistant Gary Moeller, who was succeeded by Schembechler and Moeller assistant, Lloyd Carr.

There were missteps along the way - giving the No. 1 jersey to a defensive back, because Rodriguez wasn't aware Braylon Edwards had endowed a scholarship for the receiver who wears the number, and doing away with season-long captains, a long-time Michigan tradition.

But nothing caused a bigger black eye than an NCAA investigation sparked by a story in the Detroit Free Press in August, 2009. It was the first time the Michigan football program had been involved in an NCAA investigation and was penalized three years of probation for five major violations.

---Rodney McKissic



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