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Board ponders change in dog control

No dog control or animal control officers were appointed for this year during the annual reorganization meeting Monday, and the Town Board may go with a different option.

The dog control officers from last year did not submit resumes for reappoint, according to officials, and now the board is looking into contracting with the Niagara County SPCA for those services.

Animal or nuisance control, which covers every animal but dogs, is a service the town may abandon altogether, Supervisor Robert B. Cliffe said.

The board already is considering renewing another contract with the SPCA for dog removal. Under the terms of the agreement, which expired Dec. 31, the SPCA would remove dogs or cats captured by the town's officers. The new contract would be a three-year deal that costs about $734 a month, a price increase of about 5 percent.

Councilman Larry Helwig suggested the board delay the removal contract until an agreement is reached regarding the cost of capturing the animals. Cliffe told The Buffalo News a tentative pact has been reached but the parties have to agree on an exact price for each dog and cat. The issue is expected to be revisited at the next board meeting Jan. 24.

Even when a contract is signed, Cliffe said, the removal of other nuisance animals would be the responsibility of the complainant. He said most other towns do not provide for the removal of nuisance animals and advise the caller to hire a private exterminator. Last year, the town paid $3,000 for a nuisance officer.

Until a deal is made, Cliffe said, residents should call Town Hall with complaints and the SPCA would be contacted about problem dogs or cats.


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