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Names of e-mail senders disappear

>Q: We use Microsoft Outlook for our e-mail and somehow we have managed to lose the sender's name on our incoming messages. We have the title of the e-mail but not the sender's name. How do we get this back?

A: There are a couple of possible solutions, depending on where the sender's name has gone missing.

If the sender's name has disappeared from the list of e-mail messages in your inbox, you need to add that field again.

Start by right-clicking on the gray bar at the top of your inbox. (That's the bar right above your messages with labels such as subject, received, size, etc.)

Choose "customize current view" and click "fields." You'll see two boxes. On the right are the fields currently shown in your inbox. On the left are the options you can add.

Highlight "From" and click the "Add" button. You should see it move into the box on the right. You can now drag your fields into the desired order that you want to see them in your inbox. Finish by clicking OK.

If the problem is that the individual messages aren't showing the sender's name, that's even easier.

Just double-click to open any e-mail, go to the "view" menu and select "message header." The name of the sender, as well as some other information, will now be in the individual messages.


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