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Q: I heard a rumor that "Medium" is being canceled. How can this be?

-- Ralph McKay, Halstead, Kan.

A: Well, we can only tell you that it can be and it is. The fact is that the show would have ended sooner had CBS not made a deal to bring it over after NBC let it go, so Patricia Arquette and company (including executive producer Kelsey Grammer) actually got an extra season and a half out of their run. The final CBS episode of "Medium" is slated to air Friday, Jan. 21.


Q: I am looking for a DVD of the movie "Lord Jim."

-- Sue Woith, Pekin, Ill.

A: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the 1965 drama, an adaptation of the Joseph Conrad novel that starred Peter O'Toole and James Mason (and occasionally turns up on Turner Classic Movies), on DVD in 2004. Try an Internet search on the title and "DVD"; when we did, it came right up for us.


Q: I have been watching repeats of "Little House on the Prairie" and wondering what ever became of the girls who played Carrie Ingalls, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush.

-- Lori Nachtman, Clifton, Colo.

A: Lindsay is a single parent who counts amateur boxing among her pursuits, and Sidney is a widowed jewelry designer who regularly enters horses in California competitions. The siblings are said to attend "Little House" reunion events regularly.

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