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New wife can't stand 2 sad sacks

Dear Abby: My husband "Larry" and I have been married three months. I adore him, his family and most of his friends. Two of them, however, I can barely tolerate. They show up at our house unannounced and stay for hours.

Larry is too nice to say anything to them about these drop-in visits. They also make disparaging comments about their wives, complaining constantly about their "nagging" and their "faults." One of them has repeatedly cheated on his wife. I don't want my husband around these men who obviously don't like their wives. He says I have nothing to worry about. What can I do?

-- Worried Wife in Arkansas

Dear Worried Wife: Have a little patience and stop telling your husband you think his friends are a threat to your marriage. Instead, schedule as much social time as you can with other couples who have healthy relationships. It shouldn't take long for your husband to realize what sad sacks those two are.


Daughter, 13, 'disconnects'

Dear Abby: I am a longtime member of the U.S. Air Force who has three college-age sons and a 13-year-old daughter, "Carly." Their mother and I divorced eight years ago. I've done everything I can to stay a part of all their lives. My sons and I get out for an occasional round of golf or watch the game over dinner, but Carly and I have reached a disconnect. We were close until early last summer. But something has changed.

Now, when we make plans for a movie or dinner, Carly makes an excuse at the last minute to break it. I asked her what's going on, but she won't tell me. My wife says it's just her age. Carly's mother says Carly is "just being Carly." Abby, am I worried about nothing?

-- Still a Dad in the U.S.A.F.

Dear Still a Dad: Stop panicking and listen to the women. It's normal for teens to disengage from their parents and develop interests of their own. Let Carly know you're there for her and eventually she'll start coming around.

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