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Letters / Our readers speak out

>One out of two showed up at game

I would like to offer my very humble opinion to the Buffalo Bills.

Due to the generosity of Mr. Salvatore, a local businessman, who spent a great deal of his own money to get the game blackout lifted, the fans were able to see the game.

The only problem was, there was no game. I mean, two teams were on the field, but only one team actually played, and it wasn't the Bills.

Therefore, I propose all these high-salaried players pool their money together and reimburse Mr. Salvatore including the coach, and especially the owner.

Robert Zucarelli



>'Tis the season to give turnovers

Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is. The Bills season is finally coming to another disappointing end. Another season without playoffs. What a surprise. Belichick and Brady (MVP) did it to us again. I know we are supposed to give gifts for Christmas but seven of them to the Pats was more than enough.

Paul Di Vito



>Time to start over, once again

It's the same old story of interceptions, fumbles and turnovers after turnovers. This is what the Bills season was all about. This is the main reason why we only won four games.

We need a quarterback that is consistent week after week. Take one look at Tom Brady. This is what a quarterback should be. As far as coaching, Chan Gailey could never compare to Bill Belichick, not even close.

It's time for Ralph Wilson to wake up and bring in the people to overhaul football operations, otherwise we will probably finish in the basement next year too.

Bob Clark



>Montana is tops in one man's book

Jerry Sullivan's argument that Tom Brady is the best QB of all time has three major holes in it. First, his top five doesn't include Dan Marino or Brett Favre, which means he is using Super Bowl wins to exclude two great quarterbacks from his list.

Second, his assessment includes the stipulation that Brady will remain healthy and productive for another five years. He also states that Brady must win another Super Bowl. If both of those stipulations don't get met, will Sullivan re-write his list?

Third, he argues that his true greatness is on the biggest stage. This is where Joe Montana really separates himself from Tom Brady. Joe Montana had a QB rating of 95.6 in the playoffs. Tom Brady 85.5. Joe Montana's QB rating in his Super Bowls were in order 100, 127.2, 115.2 and 147.6. Tom Brady's were 86.2, 100.5, 110.2 and 82.5.

Sullivan considered Tom Brady the best QB ever after he won his third Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Brady, since that time he 5-4 with 17 touchdowns and 12 INTs in the playoffs. Those numbers sound more mediocre than greatest ever.

Daniel Russo



>Bills still can't go in right direction

It sickens me knowing not just many of the fans, but also Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, settles for losing but being competitive. After a victory versus the Dolphins, Wilson said he was amazed how hard we play and guys getting plugged in each week contribute. He stated how we almost beat playoff teams such as KC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Reality check, our four wins came against all teams with losing records.

Every week Donte Whitner and Paul Poslusney almost make a play stopping an opposing tight end from catching a touchdown. Reality check, opposing tight ends have a picnic against the Bills, its been that way for years.

Bills president Russ Brandon spoke tough after last season, he stated he, Mr. Wilson and GM Buddy Nix would be pursuing high-profile coaches. We almost got Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher. Reality check, we were never close to getting either of them; we settled for Jed Clampett.

Our scouting department led by Tom Modrak almost had defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, defensive end/linebacker Lamar Woodley, and defensive end Brian Orakapo. Reality check, all of the above were drafted after our picks of Donte Whitner, Paul Posluszny and Aaron Maybin.

The Bills almost showed they were improving until they took a step backward in the Patriot debacle. Reality check, the Bills haven't beaten the Patriots in 15 games going back to 2003. The Bills haven't had a sniff of the playoffs in 10 years, how did they take a step backward?

Donald Teresa

West Seneca


>Sabres are going nowhere, and fast

In thinking this Holiday season, I have seen many things go on with the Buffalo Sabres this year that has finally put me over the edge. In calling as I see it, the Sabres have had all their "buddies" working for them a long time and the people of Buffalo deserve better than a so called developer a.k.a. Larry Quinn and a nominal GM in Darcy Regier.

It seems not so long ago this team was on the cusp of a Stanley Cup with the likes of Danny Briere and Chris Drury playing for the team, and now that looks more like a distant memory. Mr. Regier's negotiating tactics with Drury come to mind when a handshake deal was on the table only to take a turn for the worse when he and the other stooge Quinn decided to pretend it never took place. I feel sorry for Lindy Ruff in a way because ultimately his head will be first to be chopped when the new owner takes over within a few weeks. Let's face it though, Lindy's system has gone stale and dry in this town and he can no longer count on his goalie to save his team any longer.

His system has ruined some great scorers on this team examples: Doug Gilmour, Drury, Briere, most recently Thomas Vanek. It would be a noble thing to do if the new owner has a clear vision with his own hockey people to rid the city of Quinn, Regier and Ruff and start anew for the sake of the hardworking season-ticket holders.

As for the season-ticket holder I say this: don't you get it, as long as you keep filling their building they aren't gonna change a thing.

Kevin Sorrentino


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