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It seems to us<br> A reason for the 'ghost town' and the possibilities of spam

NOTHING TO DO: The complaints were predictable and, to some extent, not without merit. Even one of the hockey players could not resist a jab that Buffalo is a "ghost town." There's not a lot going on around HSBC Arena, it's true. But it makes us wonder: What if we'd had the foresight to give up on Bass Pro years earlier? Would the waterfront district be a more entertaining place? And what will it look like five years from now?


SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM: Communications giant Cisco Systems estimates that 200 billion spam messages clog the Internet each day, accounting for a startling 90 percent of all e-mails. Others claim a smaller number, but anyway you slice the spam, it's a problem.

Or is it? Maybe we need to better exploit this obvious economic development tool. More spammers, more need for better filters, more jobs. Everybody wins! Viagra, anyone?

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