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Senate candidate concedes race

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) -- Republican Joe Miller is ending his fight over Alaska's U.S. Senate seat, conceding the race to his bitter rival, incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Miller's decision, announced Friday at a news conference in Anchorage, comes one day after the state certified Murkowski as the winner.

He had the option of appealing a federal judge's ruling or lodging a formal contest to the election results. While he said he believes he is right about the law, he said it was "very unlikely" an appeals court would side with him and that he had to accept "practical realities."

Three courts ruled against Miller, who argued the state's handling of the election and vote count for Murkowski was not in line with the law. Friday's announcement ends what started as a promising campaign for Miller, a tea party favorite who upset Murkowski in the GOP primary.


Pardon denied for Billy the Kid

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- The rehabilitation of Billy the Kid lies dead in the dust.

In one of his last official acts before leaving office, New Mexico's governor refused to pardon the Old West outlaw Friday for one of the many murders he committed before he was gunned down in 1881. Gov. Bill Richardson cited ambiguity surrounding the pledge of a pardon 130 years ago as the reason. "I felt I could not rewrite history," Richardson told the Associated Press.

The prospect of a pardon for the notorious frontier figure drew international attention to New Mexico, centering on whether New Mexico territorial governor Lew Wallace promised Billy the Kid a pardon in return for testifying about killings he witnessed.

Richardson concluded Wallace did make a deal, "but it's uncertain why he did not keep his promise," he said. The governor said he could not pardon Billy the Kid given that ambiguity and the fact he killed two deputies when he escaped in April 1881 from the Lincoln County jail, where he was awaiting hanging for the 1878 killing of Sheriff William Brady.


U.S. helps Ukraine get rid of uranium

WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a secret operation to secure nuclear material, the United States has helped Ukraine send to Russia enough uranium to build two atomic bombs.

This week's removal of more than 110 pounds of highly enriched uranium followed a pledge by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to get rid of all of his country's highly enriched uranium by April 2012. The material will be blended down in Russia, rendering it useless for bomb making.

Details of the operation were provided to the Associated Press by the National Nuclear Safety Administration.

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