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Trivia Quiz

1. What is the name of the strait between Labrador and Newfoundland?

2. The eider is a member of what bird family?

3. What vegetables should one on a low roughage, low residue diet eat?

4. Name the "Lone Star State."

5. What is the title of the U.S. vice president as he presides over the U.S. Senate?

6. Who wrote the song "My Old Kentucky Home"?

7. What are the five boroughs of New York City?

8. What gland is overactive in a giant?

9. How many years in a score?

10. What item of dress for a woman is a choker?



1. Strait of Belle Isle.

2. Duck.

3. None, as well as no fruit.

4. Texas.

5. President of the Senate.

6. Stephen Foster. The song's full title is "My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night."

7. Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.

8. Pituitary.

9. Twenty years.

10. It's a short, close-fitting necklace.

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