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A star is born

It is one of life's weird coincidences -- Donna Lee Sheehan, wife of Buffalo attorney John Sheehan, looks just like Jamie Lee Curtis, star. Once, at the Charlotte, N.C., airport, a passer-by said, "I know that's her! Excuse me, Miss Curtis..." Fast forward to this week's World Juniors Hockey Championships, Germany vs. Slovakia. It was all about Donna Lee Sheehan! A nervous, starstruck official asked what had brought her to Buffalo, if she was a big hockey fan. He asked if John was her boyfriend or husband. "Husband," she said. Fans closed in around them, but an usher reassured her she would check tickets carefully "because you should be able to enjoy the game without everyone bothering you." The Sheehans, Buffalo style, just went with it. Her husband confides: "Donna Lee was dying."


American pie

Recently, being a nerd, Buzz was reading the blog of eminent British pianist Stephen Hough, who had just played in Denver. Hough praised the pizza there. But our pizza is better, Buzz brooded -- but lo, an anonymous Buffalonian had already commented. "If you perform with the Buffalo Philharmonic in Buffalo, N.Y., you will have the best pizza the world has to offer -- beating the second-place New York City pizza by a long shot," he wrote. "The Anchor Bar is one place, but there are so many great places -- non-chain-type -- that you cannot go wrong." Ha, ha! In another "talking proud" moment, the YouTube video "Buffalo Christmas" was up to 72,000 hits this week. One commenter boasted: "The greatest thing about Buffalo is when we have a monster blizzard, we don't call FEMA, we dig each other out and bring pizza to those that are stranded."


Queue you

Normally, Buffalo is like American Express: Membership has its privileges. Easy parking. No traffic. No lines. So, what a week! Not only are downtown parking prices up -- what, people actually want to park here? -- but, in an unrelated phenomenon, Buzz went to the Amherst Theatre and found a long line coiling around the lobby and out the door. What in the world? This being Buffalo, strangers were discussing the situation. The consensus was that three hot movies -- "The King's Speech," our choice, plus "Black Swan" and "The Fighter" -- were all showing between 7 and 7:15 p.m. "You'd think they would have staggered them," someone kvetched. But another gal marveled: "It's like being in New York, waiting in line for tickets."


The buzz

Time marches on: Buzz saw 10,000 Maniacs' "In My Tribe" at the Airport Plaza Goodwill. Plus "The Da Vinci Code." Remember that book? We don't either. ... Attention, folks here for the hockey fun: You can't beat the New Year's Eve party at Gene McCarthy's, on Hamburg Street. Microcraft beer specials, $2.50 pints, Guinness steel fire pit (whatever that is, but we love the sound of it) and free hot dogs and burgers. "It would be nice to find a group of singers to carol outside," says innkeeper Gerhardt Yaskow. "Anyone interested?" Sure, after another pint. The party is 6 p.m. 'til closing.



"No matter what people do, or the economy, bowling is part of our appetite."

-- Doug Heim, owner of the National Bowling Store, in Riviera Theatre newsletter

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