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Deals to be found, factory sold, H&R Block loses bank for tax refund loans, hires and honors...

From Business Today:

Is there no end to the shopping? The frantic rush beforeShopping  Christmas must be for amateurs, because the real shopping pros come out later. Bargain hunters and kids armed with gift cards are flocking to the malls and stores, two and three days after the big gift giving day. Retailers are overjoyed. Seems that gift giving remains a priority for Americans, regardless of economic condition's.

A local business man has found a real estate deal and plans to consolidate his retail operations. David M. Gordon, owner of the Creekside Banquet Facility in Cheektowaga and some retail businesses, bought the former Sperian glove plant in Cheektowaga for $1.68 million.

Consumer advocates have campaigned against the high-interest loans tax preparers dangle before customers, but it has taken action by bank regulators to stop much of them. HSBC Bank has been forced to stop offering the loans through H&R Block, which could hurt the tax preparer this year. Almost half of H and R Block its customers opt for the immediate money. Regulators were apparently concerned because the IRA stopped informing the banks of some of a refund was going to be taken for pre-existing bills, like back taxes. HSBC has been trying to end the loans, ut was bound by contract through 2011.

Who is getting promoted, hired or honored?

For the super shoppers....


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