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Trivia Quiz

1. What comic strip character is associated with large sandwiches?

2. Do all states have more than one telephone area code?

3. Is kapoka a tree or animal?

4. What is the total membership of the U.S. Senate?

5. What is represented by "dr" in weights and measures?

6. What was the last published novel of Ian Fleming?

7. Where in the human body is the duodenum?

8. The White House is depicted on the reverse side of which denomination of U.S. currency?

9. Name King Arthur's sword.

10. With what does Section 1 of Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution deal?



1. Dagwood Bumstead, of the "Blondie" strip.

2. Most states have more than one area code, but one is the norm for the small population states.

3. Tree.

4. There are 100 U.S. Senate members, two from each state.

5. Dram, a small fraction of an ounce.

6. "You Only Live Twice."

7. It's the first section of the small intestine, next to the stomach.

8. The $20 bill.

9. "Excalibur."

10. The vesting of legislative powers.

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