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It's never too late to find love

Dear Abby: I am responding to "Single Still in Little Rock" (Nov. 6), the 34-year-old woman who is anxious about whether she'll ever marry. I married for the first time at 67.

My advice to "Single" is to continue living a full and productive life, remain open to making new friends, look for a man who had a happy first marriage, and don't give in to your anxieties.

-- Rose in Tucson

Dear Rose: "Single Still" requested that I ask readers for success stories in finding love "later in life," and they responded in huge numbers. Read on:

Dear Abby: For many years I desperately wanted to be married. Therefore, I measured everyone who asked me out as a possible husband and either scared them away or allowed myself to be used. Finally, after living in a number of large cities, my career moved me to a tiny rural town. By then I had lost hope of finding Mr. Right, so I quit looking.

I learned to enjoy life for what it offered each day, not pine for a mate. I found myself enjoying friendships with men because I saw them as friends, not potential husbands. Out of the blue, some pals arranged a blind date with "the only eligible bachelor" left in town. We were married less than six months later -- at ages 34 and 38 -- and just celebrated our 21st anniversary.

-- Loving My Life in Minnesota


Dear Abby: I consider my "failed" relationships opportunities to learn something. The main lesson is I must love who I am first and be less concerned about where a relationship is going. When you're happy, pursuing your own interests and developing yourself as a person, someone with a similar perspective will come along. Instead of bemoaning my single status, I'm on Internet dating sites -- a great platform for meeting people who share my interests.

-- Sondra in Tennessee


Dear Abby: Instead of dating men who were looking at me, I was running after every gorgeous guy I saw. It didn't work, so I stopped chasing and let myself be chased. I was married in five years. Love isn't always "at first sight."

-- Been There in Oakland, Calif.

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