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Move your photos wirelessly

Eye-Fi Connect X2 is a camera memory card for wireless photo and video uploads.

When the camera is turned on and in your Wi-Fi hotspot, the Eye-Fi memory card ($49.99) inside will send the photos and videos you take to your computer. It also can send files to photo-sharing websites, including Facebook and Flickr.

You can free up memory card space after media is transferred, and upgrade the card with features such as geotagging and having it automatically work in any public AT&T mobile hotspot, for an extra yearly charge.

You never have to connect the camera to the computer to back up your pictures. Just turn the camera on when you enter your Wi-Fi network, like at home, and it starts transferring.

However, because of its Wi-Fi technology, this memory card will drain your camera's battery slightly more than a regular card when it transfers files, and transferring a large video file can drain a battery in minutes.

To transfer photos, you need to connect the card with your laptop and program the Wi-Fi network's name and password into the card. Unless you have your laptop with you, there's no way to log in to any Wi-Fi network you stumble upon (but a few cameras have software that let you enter a network password from the menu options).

You can pay an extra $30 a year to have it work in AT&T hotspots at places like McDonald's and Starbucks.

It works with many cameras, but only a select number have special Eye-Fi software built in which lets you choose which photos get transferred. The special software also will automatically shut off a camera when it finishes a transfer.

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