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Letters / Our readers speak out

Question marks surround Sabres

I'm perplexed as to why the Sabres are perplexed about their lack of scoring.

They expect solid defense from their scorers and scoring from the defense and role players. All this in a stale system. I'm perplexed, how do they keep their jobs?

Joe Pasquale



Fighting keeps NHL locked in garage

While football is my foremost passion, I always enjoy the thrill of a good hockey game. But I must wonder why this exciting game continues to be compromised by the thuggery and boorish fighting that continues to relegate the NHL to a second-rate league.

Please spare me the condescending explanations of how fighting is needed to "police" the sport. Fighting in hockey should result in ejection from the game just as in football, basketball and any other real sport. The fact is, the NHL not only condones but encourages the culture of violence in the game, as a means of appealing to the base nature of those fans who thrive on this nonsense.

Until the NHL decides to clean up its act, and don't hold your breath, it continues to be the "garage league" that NHL legend Mario Lemieux aptly dubbed it.

Mike Scully



Connolly's critics don't make sense

I imagine last week's letter writer felt his quip about Tim Connolly being a "no-contact" player was quite clever. Once again I ask how a player like Connolly can suffer multiple concussions and seemingly countless other injuries all while avoiding contact?

Coincidentally enough, Connolly suffered a severe nose fracture in the first period of the game in Tampa, only to return and play in the second. One wonders how quickly Connolly's tough guy critics would be back on the ice under those circumstances. I mean, are we talking months or years?

Edward Wright



Yankees' closer is worth Mo money

Sitting recently at a local pub, my beloved New York Yankees came up in conversation. The bartender was irate over Mariano Rivera's $15 million salary.

His complaint centered on the fact that Mo makes about 60 one-inning appearances a year, which breaks down to about $250,000 an outing.

I told him he was in the wrong line of work. He should have been a closer instead of an opener. Go Yankees.

Joe Smith



Big East football worth a good laugh

Winter got you down? Stressed from Christmas shopping? Need a good laugh? Watch a Big East football game.

How in the world can the winner of the Big East be given an automatic BCS bowl bid? This year's representative, 8-4 Connecticut, lost by 14 points to Temple, a team that was removed from the Big East for being non-competitive.

Last year's Big East champ, Cincinnati, rallied from a 37-3 deficit in the Sugar Bowl to lose by only 27 points. A recent USA Today article calls Connecticut the worst BCS representative ever.

If the NCAA is going to award this pathetic conference an automatic BCS bid, then do the same come NCAA Tournament time. Give them one bid. Then listen to them whine.

Joe Czekai

East Amherst

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