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Recipe: Kevin Richert's Bacon-and-Onion Homefries

Chef Kevin Richert is the other half of the culinary duo behind Torches, which he runs with his brother J.J. Richert. When J.J. shared some of his favorite holiday breakfast recipes for a story in today's News, he described the process Kevin uses to turn out these must-have fried potatoes, which they call 'homeboys.'

Kevin Richert's Bacon-Onion 'Homeboys'

3 large Russet potatoes
1/2 pound chopped bacon
1 white onion, chopped
Chicken base (powdered chicken boullion)

You’ve got to have a nice big pan, preferably non stick. Take three big potatoes and wrap them in a moistened cloth. Huck them in the microwave for about three and a half minutes until they’re mostly cooked. Dice those up.

In the pan over medium heat, render a whole mess of bacon, half a pound, cut up. Render the bacon till the fat starts to come out, starts to turn translucent. Then throw the white onion in, chopped up. Turn the heat up, throw the potatoes in and don’t touch it for five and a half minutes.

What’ll happen is, on the bottom of that pan there’ll be a super crispy bacony onion layer, and one side of the potatoes will be really crispy. Then I try to flip the thing as a whole over to the other side, for five and a half minutes.

Then I break it up and season it with chicken base instead of salt. They are (expletive) good, man.

 - J.J. Richert, Torches

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