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Get in the game with "Tron Legacy"

In 1982, "Tron" rocked theaters with its clever concept and showed some of cinema's greatest special effects at the time, changing how we watch movies forever. Twenty-eight years later, we have the sequel, "Tron: Legacy."

"Tron: Legacy" tells the story of Kevin Flynn after he gets out of the Grid and tells his adventures of light bikes and disc battles to his son. Soon Flynn goes missing. Flynn's company is shut down and his business is taken over by another team of people. His son, Sam, is taken to the old arcade where his father worked, and he finds a secret passage behind the video game Tron. Sam discovers a computer and accidentally launches himself into the Grid. The Grid is under the dictatorship of Clu, a clone of Sam's father. Trying to stay alive, Sam needs to find his father and get out of the game before it's too late.

"Tron Legacy" is an exciting and amazing-looking film. This is easily the most impressive movie I have seen with computer-generated landscapes. The movie is always interesting and has a good story.

But there are some mild problems. The movie has bad dialogue, filled with puns and cheesy words. Some characters grow annoying or make the moment seem awkward. This is also a pretty dark movie. It explores genocide, and some scenes might be too much for younger kids to handle.

Try to check this film out in IMAX 3D; you won't be disappointed.

The movie's score, which was created by Daft Punk, is amazing. I thought the music was awesome in IMAX, and it enhanced the video game quality of the movie.

"Tron Legacy" will not disappoint. Its grand landscape design and ideas are cool, especially the air battle. The movie is exciting -- an action thrill ride that will carry you into a realm that is beyond belief and exciting from beginning to end.

Even with bad characters and goofy writing, this film is worth checking out.

Ryan Koller is a junior at Depew High School.

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