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Wife needs to discuss sex life

Dear Abby: I'm pretty sure my husband is addicted to adult porn movies. We have several pornographic DVDs in the house and I can tell when they have been moved. He denies he's watching them, so confronting him again will only make him more angry and possibly push him "underground."

Our sex life, which used to be grand, has become almost nonexistent. Do you have any suggestions?

-- Suspicious in Florida

Dear Suspicious: Yes. Rather than accuse your husband of being a porn addict, start a discussion about what has happened to your sex life. He may need to be examined by his doctor to determine if his problem could be physical. If that isn't the case, then marriage counseling with a licensed therapist might help.

However, it doesn't seem likely to me that a man who views only "several" adult DVDs is a porn addict. Porn addicts are usually glued to their computers at every available spare moment.


A different place to donate

Dear Abby: I own a consignment shop and have an idea I would like to pass along to readers who need to do something with their wedding gowns, formals or other clothing. While donating to charity is a great idea, any community or school theater group would also greatly benefit from these donations.

It might open up an entirely new world if the person then attended the performance to see his or her clothing put to such good use. What do you think?

-- Jim in Illinois

Dear Jim: What a great idea. The more people who involve themselves with cultural activities in their communities, the better for all concerned. You're right -- it could open up new worlds (and opportunities) for those who choose to become involved.

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