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Trivia Quiz

1. Name either of the Soviet leaders who died in 1984 and '85.

2. In the card game of poker, is it more difficult to draw a flush or a straight?

3. What is another name for an "infant" in legal terms?

4. What number president was George W. Bush?

5. Identify the part of the brain that is sometimes called the "little brain."

6. On what river is Del Rio, Texas?

7. Fill in the blank to complete this expression: "Might __________ from little acorns grow."

8. Why are tourists unable to visit the Statue of Freedom in Washington, D.C.?

9. Who said that about all he could say for the U.S. Senate is that it opens with prayer and closes with an investigation?

10. Identify the first planet beyond Earth, away from the sun.



1. Yuri Andropov died in 1984 and Konstantin Chernenko died the following year. Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, succeeded Chernenko.

2. It's twice as difficult to draw a flush as it is to draw a straight.

3. "Minor."

4. George W. Bush was the 43rd president but the 42nd person to be president, with Grover Cleveland counted twice as he served two nonconsecutive terms.

5. Cerebellum, which is primarily concerned with muscular coordination and movement. It also modifies cerebral cortex activity.

6. Rio Grande River.

7. "Oaks."

8. The statue is not accessible because it is located on top of the dome of the U.S. Capitol.

9. Will Rogers.

10. Mars.

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