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Identity of face donor in transplant revealed

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (AP) -- The nation's first face transplant patient has said a donor saved her from a life of eating and breathing through a tube, but until this weekend she knew only that the donor was a woman who died in 2008.

Two years after Anna Kasper's face was donated to be merged with the remnants of Connie Culp's, Kasper's family decided to reveal she was the donor, so that others can know the generous woman they loved.

"She'd give her time. She'd give her money. She gave a lot of things she didn't have to other people," Kasper's husband, Ron Kasper, told the Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland. "When they asked about the donation, we knew it was what she would want to do."

The Kaspers and Culp met for the first time this weekend.

Culp, 47, has been thanking her donor since the surgery, but she had never been able to name her. She told the Plain Dealer that the get-together went well after some initially awkward moments. "They're just really nice people," Culp said.


BP oil spill boom to be used in Volt car

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The boom from the BP oil spill is getting a new charge from the maker of the Chevrolet Volt electric car.

General Motors said that instead of going to landfills, roughly 100 miles of plastic boom material will be converted into vehicle parts. The parts deflect air around the vehicle's radiator.

The Volt, a compact car, can go about 35 miles on battery power before a gasoline engine kicks in to generate electricity.

At the height of the oil spill earlier this year, more than 2,550 miles of boom was used in the Gulf of Mexico to try to keep oil from reaching shore.


EPA sued in plan allowing 15% ethanol

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Automakers and engine manufacturers on Monday sued the Environmental Protection Agency over a plan allowing the sale of gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol.

The Obama administration ruled in October that gas stations could start selling the corn-based ethanol blend for vehicles built since the 2007 model year -- an increase from the current blend of 10 percent.

Automakers said they were worried the EPA decision would eventually lead to motorists unknowingly filling up their older cars and trucks with E15 and damaging their engines.

They said the decision could cause engines to fail, and they question whether the EPA's approval for E15 fuels for only certain vehicles violates the federal Clean Air Act.


Rare baseball card draws a new buyer

BALTIMORE (AP) -- A new buyer has emerged for a rare Honus Wagner baseball card that was bequeathed to an order of Catholic nuns in Baltimore.

The card was sold at auction last month for $220,000, but the winning bidder never paid. So Dallas-based Heritage Auctions contacted one of its longtime clients, a Philadelphia cardiologist, who immediately agreed to buy the card for the same price.

The money was sent by bank wire Monday to the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

The card was left to the School Sisters by the brother of a former nun after he died earlier this year.

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