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Reporters' Notebook / Bits and pieces of news...

OLAF FUB SEZ: A thought for the holiday party season from venerable British playwright John Fletcher, born on this date in 1579, "Drink today, and drown all sorrow; You shall perhaps not do't tomorrow."


Christmas List

A gift which one can give

Through bleak or sunny days

Costs nothing but a thought,

The pleasant gift of praise

Or care for someone's feelings.

Be humble all year long.

Have courage enough to say,

I'm sorry, I was wrong.

A thank you is a simple thing

And please is never rude.

The world is hungry for

A taste of gratitude.

Or give your quiet attention

And listen with your eyes.

Give someone else a chance

To feel as though he's wise.

Or plant a seed of courage

In a fearful person's heart.

The gift of inspiration is

A generous head start.

Be there for those you love.

Pick them up if they should fall.

The gift of dependability is

The greatest gift of all.

-- Diana Notaro


ROLLING STOCK -- The railroad enthusiasts on your list will appreciate the 2011 edition of the Salamanca Rail Museum calendar. It features photos from the museum's archives and old-time rail fanciers. The front cover features the museum itself -- the former Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway station in Salamanca, with classic cars parked in front. To order, call 945-3133 or e-mail


HELP WANTED -- Ten Lives Club cat rescue and adoption group is looking for volunteers 18 and older to help in their cat shelter in Hamburg. Volunteers must have reliable transportation and be willing to promise a three-month commitment for two hours on either one day a week in the morning -- between 8 and 11:30 a.m. -- or one day a week in the evening -- between 5 and 8 p.m. Call 646-5577 or visit


A HOLIDAY TATTOO -- The Guerrilla Gallery, 1109 Elmwood Ave., has kicked off its annual Toys for Tats charity event, where it collects toy donations for the young families of Homespace Corp. With every $5 toy donation, Maddtat2 will give a $20 gift certificate for a tattoo or piercing at the shop.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- Carol Kelley Murphy, Maureen O'Neill, Willie Ruth Beckman, Lee Collier, Colleen Cummings, Gloria Brown, Ted Kahn, Gretchen P. Aylward, Suzanne Smith, Daniel White, Pastor Bonnie Bates, Denise Wood, Suzanne Sullivan, Katie Nguyen, Fred Frankhauser, Bambi Pupo, Sue Egloff, Amy Becker, Tommy Patterson, Diane Tyrpak-Lucenti, Ed Miller Jr., Bob Wrazen.


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