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Erie County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week endingNov. 12.


180 Kristoria Lane, CMK Builders of Alden Inc. to Diana Renaud-Guzek; Gary V. Guzek, $246,800.

13117 Main St., Diana L. Murphy to Patricia E. Hand, $125,000.

13437 Irving St., Donna J. Bischoff to Kym Knauff, $122,000.

869 Blossom Lea Drive, Vivian L. Moran; Roderick F. Moran to Gloria Betyn, $95,000.



Highest price: $400,000

Average price: $148,402

Median price: $114,000

Number of Sales:21

102-116 Denrose Drive, Bansi Kaul; Usha Kaul; Ashwina G. Sheth; Gaurang Sheth to James A. Dobmeier; Susan M. Dobmeier, $400,000.

430 Brantwood Road, Joan M. L. Morrissey; Joel A. Morrissey to Jene-Elise Stahura-Uhl; David S. Uhl, $255,000.

24 Lily Brooke Court, Helyn L. Hill; Thomas E. Hill III to Christine M. Hill; Thomas E. Hill IV, $250,000.

300 Hampton Hill Drive, Marilyn R. Curry to Patricia A. Oreskovic, $245,000.

264 Bramblewood Lane, Darlene A. Miller; David E. Miller to James A. Honsberger, $211,894.

166 Sherbrooke Ave., Thomas A. Hinman; Arthur J. Rumizen to Fannie Mae, $206,247.

164 Fruitwood Terrace, Maureen E. Chambers to Stacey L. Chambers; Alexander J. Chambers, $180,000.

60 Park Lane Court, Ales Kotalik to Adrienne A. Meredith, $160,000.

108 Lawnwood Drive, A. Ronald Sorgi; Karen E. Sorgi to Lindsay S. Marcinelli, $148,400.

112 Argyle, Elizabeth Tata to Edward G. Cloutier, $119,900.

298 Hedstrom Drive, Mary Lou S. Darrow to Andrea C. Cesar, $114,000.

181 High Park Blvd., Peter C. Geraci to Mara P. Endl; Michael J. Endl II, $105,000.

55 Mapleview Drive, Brian L. Willson to Julie A. Jemiolo, $101,000.

35A Foxberry Drive, James B. Fink; Jill B. Fink to Mark V. Mecca; Stephanie M. Struzik, $100,000.

44 Wellington Court, Robert A. Grieser; Ruth M. Grieser to Barbara A. Fugitt, $89,000.

70 Groton, Sharon M. Lochocki to Andrea Reed, $82,000.

4605 Chestnut Ridge Road, Lindsay Albanese to Susan M. Naab, $81,000.

85 Emerson Drive, Jinxiong Zhang to Marcus J.A. Palmisano; Mark M. Palmisano, $80,000.

161 North Autumn St., William R. Groff; Patrick J. Groff to Rev 5910 Real Estate, $71,000.

3894 Ridge Lea Road, Pasquale V. Lopatriello to Victoria M. Anstead, $66,000.

1647 Eggert Road, Mark W. Probst to Robin M. Lee, $51,000.



129 Manchester Road, Jeannette Carroll; Jeanette A. Carroll; Timothy J. Carroll; Jeannette A. Carroll; Jeanette Carroll to Jennifer A. Gemerek, $170,000.

531 Linden Ave., Dana S. Moeller to Ryan N. Paxson; Erin H. Paxson, $161,800.

Vacant Land/Blakeley Road, Allan H. Quinby; Sally S. Quinby to Andres R. Leetmaa; Melanie C. Leetmaa, $10,000.

Vacant Land/Blakeley Road, Allan H. Quinby; Sally S. Quinby to Kevin Kapalczynski, $10,000.



5891 Woodlee Court, Antoinette J. Bonnas; David C. Bonnas to Jennifer L. Dempsey; Eldon W. Dempsey II, $285,000.

5173 Mayer Road, Catherine Notaro; Susan VanLeaven to Justin J. Proudman; Marie M. Proudman, $145,000.

7768 Zimmerman Road, Justin J. Proudman; Marie M. Proudman to Michael H. Fiebelkorn Jr., $137,000.

8120 Back Creek Road, Wilbur A. Minnick to Garrett Mayer, $135,000.



Highest price: $780,000

Average price: $88,287

Median price: $39,000

Number of Sales:55

160 Bryant St., Mark Yonkman to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $780,000.

25 St. Catherines Court, John Nelson Walsh Jr.; John N. Walsh Jr. to Karen Zeznick; Roger B. Wall, $410,000.

87 Oakland Place, Germain Kenefick Graves to Evolve Properties, $395,000.

160 Bryant St., Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Marianne L. Poprosky; Richard E. Dougherty, $375,000.

185 York, ACJ Property Management Inc. to Lofts at York, $315,900.

406 Huntington Ave., Eric Olsen; Lisa A. Olsen to Amy K. Colby; Nicholas C. Matteliano, $250,000.

173 Anderson Place, Paul M. Rauch; Debra J. Rauch to Michael C. Oliver, $209,000.

92 Frontenac Ave., Lillian Veronica Kilian; L. Veronica Kilian to Donna M. Ball, $157,000.

1736 & 1738 Hertel Ave., Claudette P. Lauria; Philip J. Lauria Jr. to Hertel-Starin Properties, $135,000.

367 Pennsylvania, Ronald Scott to Thomas R. Lacher; Debra L. Lacher; Krystle L. Lacher, $114,900.

582 Downing, Brian O'Toole to Jane A. McNamara, $97,500.

23 Avery St., Lisa Rafferty to Dennis W. Whitted; Justin C. Whitted, $93,000.

22 Tamarack St., Adam Intorre to David J. Schuler, $90,100.

72 Fredro, Tammy J. Lesniowski; Lawerence M. Lesniowski to Jennifer L. Burse, $77,000.

414 Porter Ave., Gsaa Home Equity Trust; Deutsche Bank to Clifford E. Madell, $75,500.

561 Marilla St., Christine M. Portwood to Stephanie M. Kreamer, $75,260.

114 Alabama St., Sherry A. Sapar to Gregory J. Rath, $75,000.

157 Merrimac St., Winmer Inc. to Paul B. Becker, $75,000.

4 St Johns Place, Lester Noll Evans to Timothy Sick, $75,000.

136 Rebecca Park, Robert Hanson; Shirley Hanson to Pauline M. Goldstein, $74,000.

257 Holly St., Robert J. Atkins; Jennifer K. Atkins to Sonia R. Moran, $67,500.

65 Albemarle, Thomas J. Greco to Maureen K. Reed, $66,198.

74 Unger Ave., Patrick J. McNamara; Jane A. McNamara to Dawn M. Damstetter; Leonard M. Damstetter III, $60,900.

45 St. Mary's Road, James R. Zolnowski; Ronald J. Zolnowski; Michael G. Zolnowski to Bridget N. Crawford, $50,000.

1866 Kenmore Ave., Ronald S. Wojciechowski to Keybank National Association, $48,420.

159 Bickford Ave., Michele A. Burkard; Raymond M. Burkard to Julieana A. Lugo, $41,000.

279 Hastings Ave., Louis A. Marinaccio; Julie M. Marinaccio to Carmine Marinaccio, $40,000.

43 Henrietta Ave., Corey Gajewski; Brian Archambeault to Anne M. Hoernke, $39,000.

75 Sandrock Road, Michael A. Colose to Carmin Trigilio Jr., $39,000.

162 Riverside, Jennifer Carmean; Craig M. Kean to Patricia Darcy, $37,500.

37 Rosedale, Marilyn Perla; Wayne Mak to US Bank; Citigroup Mortgage, $37,184.

189 Grace St., Mira Ristic; Milan Ristic to Dusan Ristic, $37,000.

42 Hedley Place, Lillian Lee to Blaine Enterprises, $34,200.

506 & 515 Walden Ave., Michael Sante to Miguel A. Martinez, $30,000.

128 Northland, Mary Ricks-Stephens to Alex M. Mainsah, $27,000.

145 Peter St., Helen F. Sokol to James Bargnesi; Michael Maywalt, $25,000.

1841, 1843 & 163 Clinton & Weiss St., Salvatore Patronaggio to Rocco Dellaneve, $23,000.

36 Parkview, James Roberts to Paul Krajas, $22,000.

112 Roesch Ave., Mary W. Glasgow to Keith Canazzi; Equity Trust Company, $21,000.

34 Cliff St., Leonard Lawicki to Tatyana Korogoda, $20,000.

506 & 515 Walden Ave., City Mission Society Inc.; Buffalo City Mission to Michael Sante, $17,500.

166 Royal Ave., Nomura Home Equity Loan Inc.; HSBC Bank to Maryna Luchkevych; Dennis Stankovskiy, $15,000.

1491 Broadway, Sharon Szary to Angelo R. Martinez, $13,000.

45 Troupe St., Mary Ann Reese to Mary Ann Kemnitzer, $13,000.

893 Prospect Ave., Leigh Santos to Elisa Euell; Joseph Euell, $13,000.

36 Archer Ave., Charles F. Knill Sr. to Charles F. Knill Jr., $12,300.

50 Orange, Robert Wayne Nunn; William Nunn Jr. to Pamela Harris, $8,500.

928 Glenwood Ave., Adrianne Kirkland to G. Louise Blackwell, $8,500.

80 Crossman Ave., Fannie Mae to Shohre Zahedi; Farhad Raiszadeh, $7,000.

53 & 55 Edison, David L. Slosson to CDD Enterprises Ltd., $6,500.

1210 Kensington Ave., Corinne Howells; Michael Howells to Barbara Idowu, $6,000.

205 Lemon, City of Buffalo to First Centennial Missionary Baptist Church, $5,200.

207 Lemon, City of Buffalo to First Centennial Missionary Baptist Church, $5,200.

219 Riverside Ave., Bruche Mit Hatzluche Estates; Yisroel A. Thaler to Sabri Elmouss, $5,000.

51 Winter, Bruche Mit Hatzluche Estates; Yisroel A. Thaler to Sabri Elmouss, $5,000.



Highest price: $3,500,000

Average price: $303,594

Median price: $89,500

Number of Sales:16

700 Aero Drive, Cummins Northeast Inc. to Cummins Northeast, $3,500,000.

3000 Genesee St., Club 424 Inc. to David E. Hansen, $210,000.

507 Roycroft Blvd., Heather L. Filing; Michael J. Filing to Victoria C. Steck, $142,000.

189 Mapleview, Patrick D. McCabe; Laura L. McCabe to John Walzak; Susan Wise, $139,900.

20 Joseph St., Joseph Wesolowski to James P. Nowak; Deborah A. Gugino, $130,000.

35 Edge Park Road, Derik E. Regnier to Bryan M. Ruda; Victoria J. Calleri, $118,500.

42 Steven Drive, ES Apartments to Mark C. Wingerter; Tina M. Wingerter, $103,880.

75 Homesgarth Ave., Eleanore C. Boryszak; Leonard P. Boryszak to Valorie Hicks, $90,000.

4496 Union Road, Gregory Long; Geraldine Long to Deanna McConnell; Bryan McConnell, $89,000.

185 Greenway Blvd., Robert W. Fleming; Suzanne M. Fleming to Kristy Bonafede; Michael R. Walters; Michael Walters, $63,830.

49 Westchester Drive, PH Wolf Holdings to Jaime L. Packard; Todd J. Packard, $62,500.

114 Midland Drive, Rita E. Machelski; Patricia A. Majtyka to John P. Seiflein Jr., $57,900.

1340 Harlem Ave., Irene Ziolkowski to Mark C. Privatera, $50,000.

62 Applewood Road, Norma Ledwin Dean; Richard L. Dean; Richard Laurence Dean to Brian J. Dean, $50,000.

100 Straley, Susan J. Kane to Sophie Mitko; Thaddeus K. Mitko, $35,000.

47 Lehigh St., John T. Wagner to Michael Wagner, $15,000.



Highest price: $430,000

Average price: $221,113

Median price: $205,950

Number of Sales:8

8350 Black Walnut Drive, Susan A. Knittel; William H. Knittel to Mary Jo Aiken; Donald B. Aiken, $430,000.

9100 Wolcott Road, John P. Campanella to Patrick D. McCabe; Laura L. McCabe, $325,000.

6176 Bridlewood Drive, Paul I. Kiernan; Richelle Y. Kiernan to Heather L. Filing; Michael J. Filing, $293,000.

9585 Clarence Center Road, Dwight A. Richeimer; Kathleen S. Richeimer to Jeffrey A. Olka; Jill S. Olka, $252,000.

8370 Goodrich Road, Gerald R. Gullo to Debra Strauss; Steven P. Strauss, $159,900.

4520 West Overlook Drive, Jeffrey R. Finlayson; Jeffery R. Finlayson; Jodi A. Finlayson to Brian L. Willson; Victoria L. Willson, $134,000.

8030 Stahley Road, Michael D. Rogers to Christine VanPatten; James G. Siefert; Brian VanPatten, $125,000.

8360 Goodrich Road, Anthony S. Gullo; Gerald R. Gullo to Debra Strauss; Steven Strauss, $50,000.



130 Seneca St., Alan H. Hammond; Patricia A. Hammond to Bradley T. Zybert, $105,000.



11093 Moore Road, John A. Schweitzer to Christine M. Barlow; Eric R. Barlow, $260,000.

9726 Davis Hill Road, Robert Bowser; Tami Bowser to Sandra Lombardo, $23,000.



8990 East Eden Road, George M. Schwanz to Duane S. Walczyk, $115,000.



1400 Independence Drive, Barbara Jurek to Andi J. Schmitt, $95,000.

8612 Larch Road, Susan M. Sills; Joseph M. Jezioro to Luann Porter; Edward G. Porter, $65,000.

12 Oatman Ave., HUD to Carolyn A. Dean, $27,000.



327 White Oak Lane, William H. Heath to Lori Zimpfer, $200,000.

57 Monica, James Dovey to James Tagliarino, $114,500.

1182 Lasalle Ave., Marlene L. McCarthy to Salvatore J. Wakefield, $94,900.



Highest price: $270,325

Average price: $160,582

Median price: $164,300

Number of Sales:15

5218 Woodway Court, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to John S. Gullo; Meghan D. Gullo, $270,325.

4740 Parker Road, Parker Commons Llc to Carl E. Kirst; Mabel B. Kirst, $235,180.

2782 Country Green, Nancy Sreniawski; Nancy M. Sreniawski; Michael A. Sreniawski to Joseph Dispenza; Sarah J. Dispenza, $234,000.

65 Rosedale, Frederick Wilhelm III; Susan F. Wilhelm to Richard E. Benz, $225,000.

4256 Big Tree Road, Robert A. Saxon; Kevin A. Saxon to Mary E. Greenwood; Caren A. Stevens; Robin F. Greenwood, $179,000.

2850 Amsdell Road, JTK Trust; John T. Kontrabecki; John Kontrabecki to R-Pal Holdings, $175,000.

68 Beverly Place, Mary Ellen Greenwood; Robin F. Greenwood to Ashley L. Spaulding; Lawrence J. Spaulding, $170,000.

2557 Amsdell Road, Joseph Dispenza; Sarah J. Dispenza to Elizabeth M. Newman; Ronald M. Cable, $164,300.

1504 Evergreen Drive, Carmen J. Laurendi to Gregory G. Orlowski, $159,000.

4009 Sheldon Road, Carolyn L. Snyder; David W. Snyder to Waslinken Nguyen; Thanh Van Nguyen, $154,000.

2850 Amsdell Road, William P. Blake to Beverly Nuermberger; Carl H. Nuermberger III, $140,000.

4167 Burke Parkway, Maribel Reid to Justin McChesky, $112,000.

4916 Clark St., Rodney Rathman; Ruth F. Rathman to Timothy Slawek, $96,000.

3715 Harrison Ave., Theresa Moretti; Marcia Moretti; George Moretti to Debra A. Donovan, $86,920.

3621 Sixth St., Thomas B. Wallace to Stanley Blocho, $8,000.



8681 Vermont Hill Road, William M. Rosinski to Lori A. Rykovich, $35,000.



11 Shamokin Drive, David Jasinski to Salwa A. Alwan, $160,000.

16 Fisher Road, Matthew Rydel; Amelia C. Rydel to William B. Schatt, $59,000.

177-179 Lincroft Road, Judith A. Miller; Donald W. Miller; Edward S. Polcyn; Patricia L. Polcyn to Galileo Properties Inc., $30,000.

29 Roland Ave., John J. Crotty to Lori Colley, $24,000.



Highest price: $225,000

Average price: $154,200

Median price: $155,450

Number of Sales:14

262 Enchanted Forest, Michelle J. Ederer; David G. Ederer to Eric J. Sommer, $225,000.

34 Spruceland Terrace, Suzanne M. Kruszona to Melissa M. Smith, $225,000.

45 Trentwood Trail, Curt P. Doktor; Rebecca L. Doktor to Thomas J. Walker; Patricia D. Walker, $225,000.

705 Aurora St., Maria Digaetano to Melissa L. Vail, $200,000.

526 Aurora Road, Jessica Fancher; Jeffrey D. Fancher to David G. Ederer, $170,000.

22 Benson St., Kelly E. Pogore; Brian S. Pogore to Heather A. Moden, $159,900.

1122 Penora St., Thomas Biracree to Troy D. Karpp; Aimee L. Karpp, $158,000.

198 North Maple Drive, Mary Ann Beagle; Leonard J. Beagle to Brett L. Fairhead; Heidi S. Fairhead, $152,900.

144 Northwood Drive, Jaclyn Ahrens; James F. Warrington to Maureen E. Chambers, $130,000.

31-33 Sturm St., John McIntyre III to Salvatore Spinuzza; Anna Spinuzza, $125,000.

117 Stutzman Road, Carol Davis; Irene A. Nichols; Beverly Kaufman to Roger R. Gee; Lori J. Gee, $115,000.

157 North Maple Drive, Susan A. Cullinan; David A. Kuszynski to Jocelyn Hohman; Michael Canaday, $97,000.

33 Parkdale Drive, Concetta Reynders to Michele A. Sporysz, $96,000.

70 Wilma Drive, Eugene S. Murawski to Deborah J. Murawski; Sandra M. Murawski, $80,000.



12148 Nice Road, Robert Thomson; Kiyoko K. Thomson to Keith J. Lennert; Nicole M. Lennert, $145,000.

Vacant Land/Steiner Road, Cindy L. Ezzo; Martin A. Ezzo to Czeslawa McDonald, $29,000.



Langford Road, Barbara Fox; Mary Ann Fox; Barbara M. Butcher to Donald C. Fox, $80,000.



92 Tanglewood, Natalie A. Schaffer; Gerald W. Schaffer Jr. to Barbra R. Lesh; Charles J. Lesh Jr., $600,000.

3616 Baker Road, Forbes Homes Inc. to Ivey Rappold; Christopher M. Rappold, $316,566.

4 Saddle Brook Court, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Stacy L. Dickey; John E. Dickey Jr., $284,165.

4370 South Taylor Road, Francis Maguire to Edwin C. Jauch III, $100,000.



Allen Road, Richard R. Knox; Richard J. Knox to Kathleen S. Gray; William C. Gray, $20,000.



737 Young St., Robert E. Hobba; Lisa M. Hobba to Paul P. Kouvoutsakis, $170,000.

22 Fletcher St., Shennon Hammar; Catherine B. Dempsey; Shannon Hammar to ABFS Mortgage Loan Trust; Mellon Bank of New York, $92,000.

210 Grove St., Harley R. Hoover; Margaret M. Hoover to Rebecca L. Lindaman, $87,000.

55 Delaware St., Shennon Hammar; Catherine B. Dempsey; Shannon Hammar to ABFS Mortgage Loan; Mellon Bank of New York, $28,535.



Highest price: $168,000

Average price: $116,300

Median price: $112,000

Number of Sales:13

217 Grayton Road, James Sheridan to Scott T. Ermer; Theresa M. Ermer, $168,000.

155 Crosby Ave., Christine L. Schuster to Raymond N. McCabe; Barbara C. McCabe, $150,000.

1734 Colvin Blvd., Scott T. Ermer; Theresa M. Ermer to Kip T. France, $129,000.

10 Ellicott Court, Eunice Foote to Drew G. Munz; Kristen E. Moran, $124,000.

269 Traverse Blvd., Alexander Chambers to Wendy Hartwell, $115,000.

128 East Monmouth Ave., Steven P. Strauss to Timothy D. Duffy; Nicole L. Duffy, $113,000.

143 Nassau Ave., Pauline M. Goldstein to Brenna C. Scanlon, $112,000.

258 Harrison Ave., Kathleen McCarty to Bryan Kiebzak, $109,000.

440 Two Mile Creek Road, Danine Raye Kindron to Anthony L. Pirri, $107,000.

312 Hamilton Blvd., Cherylann M. Calomino; Frank L. Calomino to Johanna M. Hawkins, $105,000.

256 Claremont Ave., Kip T. France to Kimberly J. Evans, $104,900.

203 Greenhaven Terrace, Amy & Tony Burke Llc to Loretta Cancilla, $90,000.

248 Woodgate Road, Josephine J. Palmisano to John P. Campanella, $85,000.



Highest price: $210,915

Average price: $107,592

Median price: $109,000

Number of Sales:10

23 Pinecove Drive, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to George A. Biro, $210,915.

143 Hemlock Drive, Stacy L. Dickey; John E. Dickey to Kimberly A. Drew, $175,000.

253 French Lea Road, Sandra J. Pugliese to Jennifer N. Gilmore, $127,500.

709 Main St., Thomas D. Moran to Bryan C. Dennee; Jenna L. Furlani, $126,000.

69 Angelacrest Lane, Marc Larby to Jennifer M. Rutecki; Mark A. Rutecki, $116,000.

311 Barnsdale Ave., Kim Stresing; Robert L. Stresing Jr. to Stephan M. Moore, $102,000.

114 Larkwood, George Spilsbury to Andrew D. Pelow, $95,000.

60 Dwyer, Dale J. McCabe; Patricia A. McCabe to Kerri L. McCabe, $60,000.

78 Morris Crescent, Cimato Enterprises Inc. to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $38,500.

3150 Seneca St., Scott D. Innes to Anthony J. Strazzella, $25,000.

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