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A year like all years -- it's Buffalo

Dear friends,

Hope this annual holiday card finds you well. It's been a year of ups and downs for our family here on Lake Erie but plenty of news to share.

We started the year off by changing the locks. Foolishly, the year before, we were a little too quick to lend out the key to our family home. It was exciting for a little while, what with the reality cameras around and all, but the novelty of our new house guest wore off as soon as football season ended.

By the time January rolled around, he was heading to Cincinnati, and we were calling the locksmith.

February brought some exciting news for our family. One of our own started a run for governor. We were a little perplexed, at first, about why he would want to jump into that mess in Albany. He's always been the one to speak his mind at family gatherings, but he was there when we needed someone to speak up about the tolls on the Niagara Thruway. And there sure were a lot of people as mad as he was.

We just wish he'd been a little more judicious with the send button in his e-mail or the finger jabs or the Come to think of it, we don't really like to talk about how that whole gubernatorial thing turned out for the fam.

We got some national attention when the president stopped by for a visit in May. We tidied up our yards and made everything look spic and span, but what got all the attention was his stop for chicken wings. Boy, Michelle must have regretted not coming along when she heard of the warm reception he got at Duff's. Forget about national small-business policy; what we found out when the prez was in town was that he takes his wings medium and doesn't flinch at a pickup line.

The year brought some sad news, as well. We lost one of our old friends down on Niagara Square. They boarded up her windows and cordoned off the scene with a chain-link fence. Her terra cotta tears were quite dangerous when they fell to the ground. But we still hold out hope for the grand lady.

It wouldn't be the annual holiday letter, if we didn't tell you how are favorite sons were doing.

Our oldest took a trip up to Toronto this fall. He's been making the drive up north for three years now, but to tell you the truth, we're just not sure how it's working out. The trips seem to be making money for his boss, but they're doing lousy things for his spirit. Not many of his friends showed up to support him, and it's fueled lots of rumors about where he might be headed next.

We just hope he doesn't follow in the footsteps of his cousin, who's playing ball out in Los Angeles now and can't so much as send an e-mail to let us know how he's doing. But we hear, through the family grapevine, his luck out west hasn't been so hot.

Our other son is hanging in at HSBC Arena, but his future is uncertain. We're not quite sure if his boss wants to stay in the business; he hasn't been around much since the state's taxes finally sent him packing to Florida.

As for the potential of a new boss at the arena, we'll hold off before throwing a welcome party. We're just a tad more cautious these days after Bass Pro left us standing at the altar. And after all those promises we made.

Well, friends, I guess this is it for another year. Be sure to check us out on YouTube. Our home video went viral in 2010.

Your fair city,



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