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Q: Is "CSI: Miami" in trouble, maybe about to be canceled? Since it moved to Sunday, I have not been able to record the program; it always comes on late.

-- Grady Stewart, San Antonio

A: It's not on the verge of cancellation at this writing, but admittedly, football overruns haven't made scheduling easy for David Caruso's CBS crime drama. On one recent Sunday, the prime-time lineup was shifted so late by football coverage, that evening's scheduled "CSI: Miami" episode was scrapped completely -- likely to appease local affiliates that wouldn't have been happy about their late local news being pushed into the wee hours during a ratings sweeps period. The situation is bound to improve once the NFL season ends.


Q: What happened to the series "Rubicon"? My husband and I finally found a show to watch together aside from "Boardwalk Empire." Please tell me when it will resume.

-- Carol Fine, Plainview, N.Y.

A: It won't. AMC decided to terminate the show after one season. One of the network's other series, "The Walking Dead," may have been the partial cause; that show has drawn impressive ratings of a size that "Rubicon" didn't approach, so AMC may be clearing the way (and the budget) for the next project with the potential to score that big.

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