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She loves her dogs; he doesn't

Dear Abby: Since being diagnosed with two types of cancer I have been unable to work. I have two wonderful dogs, and all my time is invested in them. I show them in obedience and agility exhibitions and love them dearly.

While talking with my husband of 25 years, I casually asked him about the dogs' care if I should pass away. He said he is prepared to give the dogs away -- to a good home, of course -- because he doesn't want to be bothered with them. What does this say about how he truly feels about me?

-- Doggie Blues in Pennsylvania

Dear Doggie Blues: What it says is your husband does not regard your dogs as extensions of you. It also says he is completely honest. Now that you know how he feels about your dogs, if you're smart, you will contact some of your friends on the dog show circuit and ensure that your dogs will be placed in homes where they are loved and appreciated -- preferably together -- should they outlive you. It will give you peace of mind.


Nagging sister won't work

Dear Abby: My sister married for the first time at 42. Until she met her husband, who is overweight, she was never heavy. She always tried to watch her weight and exercised to a moderate degree. Once she met him, they found fine dining to be a favorite pleasure. She also has discovered that she loves to cook and watch the food channels on TV.

My sister has gained 70 or 80 pounds in six years. She doesn't exercise and won't buy a scale. My husband and I mention exercise or calories every time they discuss food. She does not appreciate "Big Sis" giving her advice. What can I do?

-- Battling a Weighty Issue

Dear Battling: First, stop lecturing your sister about her weight problem. She will deal with her weight only when she's ready, and nothing you can do, however well-intentioned, will change that.

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