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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

My View: A piece by Lacey Buscaglia, "Why I quit teaching; why it torments me," brought several responses, including this one from Richard Tedeschi of Williamsville:

I retired after 33.5 years in the Buffalo School system, two years ago. Although the bulk of my experience was in behavioral/emotional disorders within self-contained classes and residential programs, I also worked in resource room and as a consultant teacher in regular education classes. All of this experience only worked when I worked under principals and administration that supported proper behavior, teacher communication between staff and family and educational programming. Those that didn't lost the respect of students, parents and teachers and, I might add, became a defining reason for me to transfer to a different school as soon as possible.

I would see your experience as a past experience, not one to define your future. Teaching is an art, but also a ministry you are driven to perform in. Lick your wounds, let time heal your soul and, if moved to, try again somewhere else. If this is truly your gift, you won't be able to stay away!

And prayer is something not only to greet your sunrises but also to be the sustenance of your daily and future plans.


Sabres Edge: Following "Live from the Arena: Sabres vs. Penguins," by Mike Harrington, RoyBoy wrote:

I'll give the Sabres this. They create chances. But how many point-blank opportunities do they miss the net, fan on the puck or fire it into the goalie? And then the other team comes back and either fires a bullet that [Ryan] Miller can't stop or the puck hits a skate and goes in. Thank god [Jason] Pominville finally converted. I'm afraid they'll end up one [Derek] Roy giveaway short.

kbojedla added:

Agreed with RoyBoy. It's getting ridiculous. Luke Adam, Pominville and [Thomas] Vanek all had relatively open nets to shoot into, with Adam and Pominville firing way wide and Vanek shanking it. You have to convert at least one of those. Miller had a really bad game, the Pens are def in his head. Like Mike said, goals two and four were really tough to swallow. He needs to make big saves in times like those.


News: News staff reporter Brian Meyer's article about the City of Buffalo issuing more parking tickets following the implementation of a new system brought this comment from Lydia BezouHojnacki of Buffalo:

Illegal parking is the easiest violation to avoid. I have no sympathy for people who cannot read signs and obey them. I have no sympathy for those who have conveniently "forgotten" all the rules they studied in order to obtain their first driver's license. . .

Illegal parking is a symptom of arrogance. "I'll do what I want, wherever and whenever I want." Keep writing those parking tickets! And don't forget the double-parkers on Niagara, Franklin, Pearl, Swan streets and the idiots in bus-stop zones!

Bob Kuebler of Buffalo added:

I wonder what would happen if there was the same kind of enthusiastic effort put into job creation and business creation? More police and stricter enforcement does not change a city, opportunity changes a city. Youth programs are struggling or closing while millions are spent on street corner cameras. Police pull over kids on bikes. I'm not against laws or police or personal accountability, but I do believe that opportunity improves quality of life.


Bruce Andriatch: A column chronicling the strong reaction of readers to an earlier column about why people live in the Southtowns drew this acceptance from Norm Nicastro of WestSeneca:


Enjoyed your chat this morning and I think you've made up to those of us who think you were trashing the area. Look forward to your other articles.

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