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GARGUIOLO, Lillian L. March 23, 1919-July 1, 2007. You left for Heaven on such a beautiful day, one filled with hope that God would grant our desperate prayers to enjoy many more precious days with you. Suddenly, we were without you-the beacon of love that lit our world and warmed our hearts- our lives never again joyful and bright. We dearly miss the beauty that rivaled the early summer flowers; the sweet voice echoing a bird's soft song; the gracious manner as gentle as a breeze; the golden heart, filled with the sun's generous warmth; the courage, kindness, wisdom and exuberance as vast as the sky. Though we are now so far apart, we hold your love and memory very close. You always did the Angels' work, so we pray that you rest eternally in blissful peace. Loving, missing and remembering you every moment of every day, Beautiful Angel.
All our love, prayers & gratitude,

In Remembrance

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