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A self-deprecating Diaz

"My mom always said, 'If it's your job, you'll get it,' and even today I never look at other actresses and say, 'I wish I had what they have.' I love women. I root for women. The only women I don't like are jealous, spiteful ones who stab other women in the back and do sh---y things."

That's the adorable Cameron Diaz talking to Stephen Rebello in Playboy. In this Q&A, Cameron comes off just as she does onscreen -- open and funny, self-deprecating but self-confident, too. "I'm super-easy. I'm not complicated," she asserts.

At another point in the interview she says, "Whether other people consider my accomplishments to be successful or not doesn't matter to me. I don't give a f--- what other people think. I have my own standards I live by."

This healthy attitude will stand her in good stead now that her movie, "Knight and Day" with Tom Cruise just opened to so-so reviews. I am personally mystified at some of the harsher critiques.

I went to see "Knight and Day" and had a totally fine, preposterous, suspend-disbelief time. I honestly don't know what reviewers expect. The movie is derivative of lots of other comedy thrillers with the spunky/hapless heroine alternately attracted to and afraid of the shooting, leaping, motorbike-riding, mysterious hunk who might or might not be the villain of the piece.

They meet "cute" on a plane and before you can ask "does this make sense?," Tom is dragging Cameron all over the place, getting her into crazy situations, all the while assuring her that he is a good guy -- honest! (He warns her, in the plot device of so many similar movies, that the real bad guys will say they are "the FBI.") So what if it's not "North by Northwest" or "Charade" ... what is these days?

What lifts "Knight and Day" to a fresh -- at least to me -- threshold, are the considerable charms of Mr. Cruise and Miss Diaz. First off, they sport two of the most irresistible grins in the biz -- between them they must have a thousand teeth! You can't help but feel good when it's so obvious both actors are having a hell of a good time. Cruise is a still-boyish 47 and Diaz is a vivacious 37. Neither appears inappropriately mature to be running around like mad things -- although no great pains are taken to make them look younger. And both are attractive in various stages of undress. It was just fun. There's plenty of serious, depressing stuff out there if that's what you want.

Tom, always the object of such, hmmm -- critical tomfoolery -- seems to be spoofing several aspects of his image. All great stars come to this sooner or later. Sometimes it's creepy; sometimes it's fun. Tom's self-mockery is fun and charming to observe. He's really quite an amusing guy.

Anyway, Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise are two equals -- delightful together in "Knight and Day." Breezy, energetic summer movie fare. If you go in expecting that, and don't busy yourself wondering about Tom's life, which is none of our business, you'll have a great time.

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