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The Grammar Guru

Kevin sat on his couch and dialed the number. He waited while the phone rang seven times. Finally, a bored, female voice said, "Office of Municipal Promotions. How may I help you?"

"Hello! I'd like to rent a billboard for --"

"Please hold." The voice disappeared, and some time passed before Kevin heard it say, "Office of Municipal Promotions. How may I help you?"

"Yes, what would it cost to rent a billboard for one day, sometime next week? "I --"

"Please hold." Click.

Kevin took a deep breath and began tapping his fingers on the coffee table. Eventually, he began counting to himself: "One city employee, two city employees, three city --"

"Office of Municipal Promotions --"

"I know!" cried Kevin. "You put me on hold sometime ago! All I want to know is how much it --"

"Please hold."

Sometime that afternoon, Kevin was admitted to the hospital for injuries sustained when he chewed through his telephone cord and smashed all the plates in his cupboard. He is expected to be released sometime next year.

Remember: some time = an amount (or lump) of time

sometime = at a time that isn't specified



1) "Can we meet (sometime/some time) on Tuesday to discuss the future of our relationship?" Jerome's girlfriend asked him.

2) Around the age of 900, Methusaleh spent (sometime/some time) trying to write his autobiography.

3) Since it took (sometime/some time) for the paint to dry in the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo amused himself by writing poems, sculpting sculptures, and designing buildings.



1) sometime (Uh oh.)

2) some time (He gave up after he got to his 400's, which had been very difficult for him. Well, teen years usually are.)

3) some time (His mother used to complain, "If he's not doing one thing, he's doing another. Heaven forbid he should just sit and look out the window like a normal person!")

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