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Sister needs to speak up

Dear Abby: Years ago you gave me some good advice, and now I have a new issue I need help with. My sister, "Rhonda," and her husband -- both in their mid-50s -- will be visiting us this summer. The last time they stayed, we caught them in our backyard smoking pot.

My husband and I were shocked and upset about it, and so were our teenage children. This was a violation of the rules in our home and set a poor example for our children, but I was too spineless to say anything.

I want to see Rhonda, but not at the cost of compromising my principles. Am I being unfair? Help!

-- Spineless in San Diego

Dear Spineless: It is not "unfair" to set standards in your home to teach your children the difference between right and wrong. If you don't speak up, your sister will assume -- and rightly so -- that you have no objection to her using an illegal substance on your property. What happened last year was unfortunate. But if you stay silent and it happens again, you will have no one to blame but yourself.


Bald is beautiful

Dear Abby: Why are some women so shallow that they won't date a man who is going bald? I mean, they do not even make the time to get to know us. They just turn us down.

Are there women out there who like men who are bald or getting there?

-- Smooth-Headed in Tampa, Fla.

Dear Smooth-Headed: Yes, there are. They're the smart ones. This would include Heidi Klum (who is married to Seal), Demi Moore (who was married for a number of years to Bruce Willis), Mrs. Howie Mandel, Mrs. Chris Daughtry -- and all the women who are chasing Tyson Beckford.

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