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A Spray of Ease

By Catherine Berry Miklitsch

Do not court death, sweet warrior,

you have fought the good fight

all the days of your life.

Lie back in the shade.

Hide away in the shadows, let sounds

give way to silence.

Let the other senses have their say.

Close your eyes, they've seen enough,

the stage narrows now to old friends and memory.

In place of destinations eagerly sought

the world comes at your beckoning

smooth to the touch of simpler things.

Gather a bouquet unlike all former ones.

A spray of ease, a bloom of some scent

that you have kept at bay.

Even good-byes are gentler now.

They come to you as offerings,

spare and lean to couple the past with joy.


Come to Me

By Catherine Berry Miklitsch

Come to me

on a stream of light

for I cannot

bear your weight.

Speak to me

in the breath

you breathe

in the dark night.

Lay your hand

on my thigh, simply,

as in a gesture

of good will.

Sigh as though you understand

the weight of years

and are content to rest

now wrapped in them.

CATHERINE BERRY MIKLITSCH will read from her work at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Appletree Mall Campus of Empire State College, 2875 Union Road, Cheektowaga, as the guest of the Appletree Open Literary Reading Series. A Lewiston native, she is the author of the 2002 collection "A Habit of Dawn," and her poems have appeared in many magazines and journals.

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